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The Foundation’s Updated Climate and Clean Energy Program Strategy

The devastating impacts of climate change have hit home recently. Powerful hurricanes ravaged Puerto Rico and parts of Texas and Florida last year. Wildfires rage across the Western U.S. And many parts of the world have been hit even harder. The Foundation recently refreshed its Climate and Clean Energy program strategy, recognizing the importance of efforts to prevent even worse climate change impacts in the future, and the urgency of curbing pollution and accelerating the transition to clean energy. Continue Reading

Supporting Clean Cars Rules to Drive Climate Mitigation, Electric Vehicles, and Fuel Savings

Last week, the federal government formally proposed to roll back the country’s clean car rules and limit states’ rights to address climate change and clean air—a move that would halt in its tracks the country’s first fuel economy improvements since the 1980s, forgo critical greenhouse gas reductions, and cost Americans nearly $17 billion in savings at the pump in 2025. Continue Reading

Study Finds Latinos Highly Engaged with Climate Change Issue

Self-identified Latinos in the United States are more convinced that global warming is happening and that it is caused by human activity, according to a national study conducted by grantee the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. Latinos are also more worried about climate change, more supportive of climate change policies, and more willing to demand political action than non-Latinos. Continue Reading

Californians Support Leading Climate and Clean Energy Policies

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed new laws to extend a groundbreaking policy to curb climate change and to improve air quality in polluted neighborhoods.… Continue Reading

Foundation Joins “We Are Still In” Coalition in Support of Paris Agreement

As the director of a program focused on climate and clean energy, these last few months have been a rollercoaster: one day there’s more bad news from the federal government and the next there is more good news from the states. In these fast-changing times, the Heising-Simons Foundation remains committed to supporting efforts to protect people and the planet from the worst impacts of climate change. Continue Reading

New Report on How Wholesale Electricity Markets Impact Wind Production

The Great Plains Institute (GPI) recently released a report concluding that the launch of the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) electricity market in 2005 resulted in an… Continue Reading

The Path Forward on Clean Energy in the United States

The path forward to curb climate change and advance clean energy in the United States has taken a sharp turn, following the recent election. As… Continue Reading

The Valuable Momentum of the Paris Agreement

Last week, the United Nations announced that enough countries have ratified the landmark Paris Agreement to curb climate change that it will enter into force… Continue Reading

Heising-Simons Foundation Joins Coordinated Effort to Expand Energy Efficiency

Next month, more than 100 countries will meet to discuss a possible amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer to… Continue Reading

Introducing our Director of Climate and Clean Energy

We are very excited to share the news of a new hire at the Heising-Simons Foundation. Last week, Devra Wang joined the Foundation as our… Continue Reading