Topic: Letters from the President

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Letter from the President: December 2017

There is something quite wondrous about cycles in nature. Nature’s patterns always instill me with hope and remind me of renewal and restoration. Each year… Continue Reading

Letter from the President: September 2017

When we describe the Foundation, we often use the phrase, “Unlocking knowledge, opportunity, and possibilities.” It reflects our fundamentally optimistic view of the world, and our belief in the potential for improvement in the human condition. Continue Reading

Letter from the President: April 2017

Dear Colleagues: As we begin the second quarter of the year, I wanted to thank you, our friends and partners, for your good work and… Continue Reading

A Message from our Chair and our CEO

Dear Colleagues: During this week of Thanksgiving, we wanted to send a special note of gratitude to you, our partners, and let you know how… Continue Reading

Letter from the President: July 2016

Working for a staffed family foundation, we often have the opportunity to feel pride in the living donors we represent. Last month, our founders Liz… Continue Reading

Letter from the President: March 2016

Dear Colleagues: From the ceiling in one corner of our office hangs a mobile. I often find visitors to the Foundation, even our staff, passing… Continue Reading