The Early Care and Education Pathways to Success (ECEPTS) is fiscally sponsored by Tides Center. The mission of ECEPTS is to advance the rigorous professional development and economic well-being of the early care and education workforce so that all children can reap the full benefits of their early learning and care experiences.

This grant supports the Family Child Care (FCC) apprenticeship pilot developed and guided by ECEPTS. Working closely with community college partners, and local resource and referral agencies, the apprenticeship allows FCC providers that are multi-lingual and mono-lingual Spanish speakers to complete college coursework, earn Child Development Associate Teacher permits, and gain skills and knowledge to enhance their instructional and business practices.

The ECEPTS apprenticeship model provides flexibility and addresses barriers to success typically confronted by non-traditional students, such as the women who make up the FCC workforce. Such alternative pathways to professional development for home-based early care and education providers can help meet the urgent need for culturally competent, community-based caretakers and educators, and position these workers for career advancement and increasingly livable wages.