Massachusetts Institute of Technology–Rising Stars in Physics

Photo by P. Marenfeld & NOAO/AURA/NSF
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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) physics department is one of the leading departments for physics research and education, and is among the highest producers of undergraduate and doctoral physics degrees in the United States.

This grant supports MIT’s Rising Stars in Physics program, a series of annual two-day academic career workshops for young women physicists that brings together top graduate students and postdoctoral researchers for scientific discussions and informal sessions aimed at navigating the hiring process and the early stages of an academic career. Participants attend workshops each spring from 2018 through 2022, in preparation for fall term faculty applications.

The percentage of women faculty in the physics departments at top-tier U.S. research universities is low, well below the percentages in other science fields such as biology and chemistry. The Rising Stars in Physics program aims to change this by providing guidance, resources, and a supportive peer network to the next generation of leading female physicists.

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