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Silicon Valley De-Bug (De-Bug) is a community organizing, advocacy, and multimedia storytelling organization based in San Jose, California, that serves as a platform for diverse communities to impact the political, cultural, and social landscape on a variety of human rights issues, including immigrant rights, economic justice, and criminal justice reform.

This grant provides general funds to support De-Bug’s top priorities: 1) develop innovative approaches to bail reform implementation in Santa Clara County and achieve bail reform in California; 2) hold prosecutors and public defenders accountable  regarding  racial justice  concerns; and 3) deepen participatory defense practice at hub sites across the country.

Developed by De-Bug, participatory defense is a community organizing model for families and communities to advocate for the safety and fair treatment of their loved ones through the process from arrest to court appearance. Participatory defense has been adopted across California and the United States. De-Bug is providing technical assistance to expand this practice through the National Participatory Defense Network of families affected by the court system, their communities, and public defender offices.

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