Somos Siembra

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Somos Siembra is fiscally sponsored by Mijente Support Committee. Siembra, is an organization of Latinx people defending their rights and building power “with papers and without papers” in North Carolina. It works to stop the criminalization and detention of North Carolina’s Black and brown communities by local sheriffs, police, and ICE agents, and to fight back against workplace abuses. Siembra is also a political casita (home) for Latinxs who share pro-Black, pro-undocumented, pro-working class, pro-woman, pro-LGBQ, and pro-transgender values, nurturing leadership teams across seven counties that include young, queer, and undocumented Latinx people.

The grant supports Siembra in building power among Latinx communities in North Carolina, including: community defense; ICE detention navigation and court accompaniment; police, sheriff, and ICE accountability; and “Grassroots Enforcement” of worker protection laws.

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