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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Regents of the University of California at BerkeleyScience, Fundamental Physics$251,5252018to demonstrate the laser cooling and magneto-optical trapping of atomic titanium
    Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$550,0002018to complete detector construction and calibration, and participate in the initial General Anti-Particle Spectrometer (GAPS) flight campaign and subsequent data analysis
    Regents of the University of California at BerkeleyScience, Other$500,0002018to support JBEI’s annual off-site advisory, planning, and review meeting, as well as smaller strategic meetings, community building activities, and hosted speakers throughout the year
    Regents of the University of California Santa CruzScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$75,0002018for the Exoplanet Summer Program (ESP), an entirely participant driven workshop, to take place within a new research initiative, the Other Worlds Laboratory (OWL)
    University of ChicagoScience, Women in Physics & Astronomy$14,8352018for the Greater Chicago Undergraduate Women in Physics Workshop
    California Association for Research in AstronomyScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$705,5172018to support the continued development and engineering of the Keck Planet Finder
    The Regents of the University of California Los AngelesScience, Women in Physics & Astronomy$100,0002018to plan for growth within the activities of the Galactic Center Orbits Initiative
    Regents of the University of California at BerkeleyScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$549,9122018for instrumentation and numerical modeling software development necessary for conducting a survey of supermassive black holes in the southern sky
    LSST, Inc.Science, Astronomy & Cosmology$149,9852018to support the LSST Cadence Hackathon, a 3-day workshop to optimize the timing and targeting of the LSST’s observing schedule
    Regents of the University of California, DavisScience, Women in Physics & Astronomy$34,9602018for the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics
    Science DCAScience, Climate Change Science$20,0002018to fund a two-day Roundtable at the Foundation’s Los Altos office in October 2018
    Science DCAScience, Women in Physics & Astronomy$20,0002018to fund the third meeting of the PALC in October 2018
    Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$150,0882018to support a three-month mission operation extension and data analysis for ASTERIA
    Northwestern UniversityScience, Fundamental Physics$542,9782018for the optimization of a counter-propagating dual-beam optically-levitated microsphere force-sensor for short-distance gravity experiments
    The Pennsylvania State UniversityScience, Climate Change Science$489,3272018for engineering analysis, instrumentation upgrades, and logistics planning for a network of glacier monitoring sensors in Greenland
    Regents of the University of California at BerkeleyScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$74,9982018for the development of stimulated axion decay theory and search strategies for its cosmological signature
    California Institute of TechnologyScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$36,6662018to test theories of binary star formation and tidal evolution
    Science DCAScience, Communications & Linkages$80,0002018to fund the creation of an interactive exploration of the work of Andrea Ghez and her team at UCLA, related to their work on star S0-2 and Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity
    California Institute of TechnologyScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$899,6942018to explore the landscape of stellar death and search for and study exotic binary systems through the Zwicky Transient Facility
    Science DCAScience, Women in Physics & Astronomy$58,5002018for the second meeting of Physics and Astronomy Leadership Council and honoraria for Council members
    Carnegie Mellon UniversityScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$55,0002018to build a science platform to generate new hypotheses based on the rapid and communal exploration of the Gaia dataset
    California Institute of TechnologyScience, Women in Physics & Astronomy$34,5002018for the development and implementation of the 2018 FUTURE of Physics @ Caltech program
    University of PittsburghScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$55,0002018to search for stellar spectra that contain absorption signatures which can probe the composition of supernova remnants lying between the star and Earth
    The Pennsylvania State UniversityScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$95,5332018for the 2018 Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science Symposium
    University of WashingtonScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$598,2352018to develop cloud-based services to facilitate time domain astronomy community exploration of the public ZTF alert stream
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