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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and RefugeesHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$10,0002020for the 2020 national convening
    Movement Strategy CenterHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$100,0002020for the Urban Peace Movement
    Tides CenterHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$500,0002020for the Community Justice Exchange
    Neo Philanthropy Inc.Human Rights, Developing Strategies$1,000,0002020for the Four Freedoms Fund
    Community Works West Inc.Human Rights, Developing Strategies$100,0002020for the Ahimsa Collective
    Sierra Health Foundation Center for Health Program ManagementHuman Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002020for the California Alliance for Youth and Community Justice
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$5,0002020for the 2020 annual staff and membership retreat
    Marshall Project Inc.Human Rights, Developing Strategies$200,0002020for general support
    PolicyLinkHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$25,0002020for the Building Beyond Policing convening
    Grassroots Leadership Inc.Human Rights, Developing Strategies$300,0002020for general support
    Silicon Valley De-BugHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$25,0002020for the National Participatory Defense Network Gathering
    Common Justice, Inc.Human Rights, Developing Strategies$200,0002020for general support
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$150,0002020for Smart Justice California Education Fund
    Social Good FundHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$200,0002020for the Safe Return Project
    Homies Unidos IncHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$10,0002020for the Homies Unidos 20th Anniversary dinner celebration
    Protex A Network for Progressive TexasHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$150,0002019for general support
    Vera Institute of Justice Inc.Human Rights, Developing Strategies$200,0002019for general support
    Hispanics In PhilanthropyHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$5,0002019to support the Human Rights Summit: Strengthening Response Across Borders
    Fund for the City of New York IncHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$150,0002019for the Immigrant Defense Project's Commrades Communications Collective
    Faith in Action NetworkHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$200,0002019for the LA RED and LIVE FREE campaigns
    Choices for Freedom IncHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$35,0002019for general support
    National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated WomenHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$200,0002019for general support
    Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in CaliforniaHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$100,0002019for general support
    Color Of Education FundHuman Rights, Developing Strategies$300,0002019to support its criminal justice work
    Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights Inc.Human Rights, Developing Strategies$100,0002019for general support
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