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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Institute for Local GovernmentHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$80,0002017to further develop regional approaches to immigrant integration in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties
    National Immigration Law CenterHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$400,0002017for general support
    Tides CenterHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$50,0002017for Justice Strategies, a Migrant Prosecutions Convening planned for late November 2017
    Marshall Project Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002017for general support
    Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in CaliforniaHuman Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002017for general support
    College TrackHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$110,0002017for scholarships, supports, and key staff members working with DREAMers across its sites
    National Association of Community and Restorative JusticeHuman Rights, Justice Reform$2,5002017to sponsor the National Restorative Justice Conference for 2017
    County of San Mateo Human Services AgencyHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$4,0002017to support the second annual Immigrant Integration Summit
    Human Rights Watch Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002017for research and advocacy in the US to protect human rights in criminal justice and immigration systems
    California Bar FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$85,0002017for #MeetYourDA statewide events and activities to inform and engage law students of color in creating a pipeline for more diverse, reform-minded prosecutors
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$30,0002017for Smart Justice California
    Community InitiativesHuman Rights, Justice Reform$70,0002017for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth
    Civil Rights CorpsHuman Rights, Justice Reform$25,0002017for general support
    Human Rights FirstHuman Rights, General$40,0002017for general support
    SparkHuman Rights, General$15,0002017for general support
    Legal Aid Society of San Mateo CountyHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$60,0002017to support LIBRE's public benefits work
    Community InitiativesHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$300,0002017for Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)
    The Justice And Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San FranciscoHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$175,0002017for the Northern California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice
    Chinese For Affirmative ActionHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$5,0002017for sponsorship of the first Celebrating Our Roots fundraiser and reception
    Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law CaucusHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$250,0002017for activities to defend against mass deportations and ensure that California remains a leader in protecting and advocating for its immigrant communities
    Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto IncHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$310,0002017for the immigration program
    The Nation InstituteHuman Rights, Undocumented Communities$100,0002017to support reporting at the Nation Institute on immigration policy and the criminalization of immigrant communities
    Neo Philanthropy Inc.Human Rights, Undocumented Communities$20,0002017to engage NEO's senior fellow Kung Li to explore the current mass criminalization and immigration landscape and to plan and convene a group of funders to direct resources to priority needs in the field
    Impact JusticeHuman Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002017for the design phase of an evaluation that will measure the implementation and outcomes of the Restorative Justice Youth Diversion (RJYD) National Evaluation
    Essie Justice GroupHuman Rights, Justice Reform$300,0002017for general support
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