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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Southern Center for Human RightsHuman Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002018for implementation of the new Atlanta Municipal Bail Ordinance and policy advocacy for efforts in other cities across the state to eliminate wealth-based detention in Georgia
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$525,0002018for the Justice Collaborative
    Social Good FundHuman Rights, Justice Reform$50,0002018for the Safe Return Project
    Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in CaliforniaHuman Rights, Justice Reform$500,0002018for the Restore Oakland campaign
    Marshall Project Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$400,0002018for general support
    Third Sector New England Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002018for Prosecutor Impact
    Uptrust, Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002018for a two-year pilot to reduce the number of failure to appear cases in select California counties
    Brooklyn Community Bail Fund IncHuman Rights, Justice Reform$225,0002018for the Community Bail Fund – Participatory Defense Collaborative Pilot
    Human Rights Watch Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$500,0002018for research and advocacy in the U.S. to protect human rights in criminal justice and immigration systems
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002018for Smart Justice California
    Silicon Valley De-BugHuman Rights, Justice Reform$90,0002018for the Participatory Defense Network to monitor implementation of the Humphrey bail decision and for De-Bug to provide technical assistance
    Equal Justice InitiativeHuman Rights, Justice Reform$250,0002018for the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and From Slavery to Mass Incarceration museum
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$30,0002017for Smart Justice California
    Essie Justice GroupHuman Rights, Justice Reform$300,0002017for general support
    Common Justice, Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002017for general support
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002017for the Restorative Justice Fund’s start-up administrative costs and pooled grantmaking fund
    Civil Rights CorpsHuman Rights, Justice Reform$25,0002017for general support
    Tides CenterHuman Rights, Justice Reform$800,0002017for Californians for Safety and Justice's full range of strategies to reduce incarceration and strengthen the visibility and voices of crime survivors in the movement for smarter justice policies focused on prevention and healthy communities
    Silicon Valley De-BugHuman Rights, Justice Reform$300,0002017for general support
    National Association of Community and Restorative JusticeHuman Rights, Justice Reform$2,5002017to sponsor the National Restorative Justice Conference for 2017
    Impact JusticeHuman Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002017for the design phase of an evaluation that will measure the implementation and outcomes of the Restorative Justice Youth Diversion (RJYD) National Evaluation
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$175,0002017for the California Bail Reform Fund
    Marshall Project Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002017for general support
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$213,8002017to increase the communication capacity of the Accountable Justice Collaborative
    Community InitiativesHuman Rights, Justice Reform$70,0002017for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth
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