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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Puente de la Costa SurEducation, Family Engagement$300,0002018for general support
    University of Southern CaliforniaEducation, Family Engagement$500,0002018for the Children's Data Network to build a knowledge base of California's services and systems for young children and their families
    The Institute for Educational Leadership IncEducation, Family Engagement$200,0002018to improve systemic family engagement, community engagement, alignment, and transitions from pre-K to 3rd grade
    Education DCAEducation, Family Engagement$775,0002018for the National Home Visiting Network Steering Committee's plan to strengthen and coordinate the field of home visiting
    California Children and Families Foundation Inc.Education, Family Engagement$600,0002018to launch a First 5 network and capacity building initiative focused on leadership development and cross-county coordination
    San Jose Grail Family ServicesEducation, Family Engagement$75,0002018to redesign and relaunch an existing parent education and support messaging tool and app for low-income Latino families with young children in East San Jose
    Brazelton Touchpoints FoundationEducation, Family Engagement$5,0002018to provide event tickets to parents and educators for the Symposium Honoring Dr. Brazelton
    Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting InitiativesEducation, Family Engagement$70,0002018to focus public, policymaker, and media attention on the positive outcomes generated by home visiting, as documented by recent research, with a particular focus on the results of the MIHOPE evaluation
    Ernst & Young LLPEducation, Family Engagement$25,0002018to identify best practices and innovations in parent and community engagement
    Stewards of Change InstituteEducation, Family Engagement$200,0002018to conduct an environmental scan of data integration and sharing activities in California
    Education First Consulting LLCEducation, Family Engagement$50,0002018to facilitate and help sustain activities of the Data Funder Collaborative (DFC)
    PL+US FundEducation, Family Engagement$150,0002018for general support
    Education DCAEducation, Family Engagement$200,0002018to develop a family asset index based on birth data to summarize, in a standardized way, the conditions into which children are born
    VIVA Strategy + Communications LLCEducation, Family Engagement$300,0002018to capture the experiences of families navigating public systems and examine joint-eligibility systems as a strategy for improving family experience and service utilization
    VIVA Strategy + Communications LLCEducation, Family Engagement$75,0002018to conduct and disseminate a scan of uses for administrative data in the social sector and in early childhood.
    The Institute for Educational Leadership IncEducation, Family Engagement$104,5002017to support an annual national family engagement conference and two national networks of state and district family engagement coordinators, respectively
    Puente de la Costa SurEducation, Family Engagement$100,0002017to engage families in their young children's learning through a bilingual parent co-op and community-wide programs
    Tides CenterEducation, Family Engagement$150,0002017for the Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors program
    Education DCAEducation, Family Engagement$100,0002017to bring key stakeholders together to assess the state of the field, define a vision and plan for strengthening the field, and consider coordinating options
    ParentPowered PBCEducation, Family Engagement$300,0002017for a program-related investment (PRI) to provide parents of young children with easy-to-use tools, including a text-based intervention, to inform parenting activities and approaches, while rapidly scaling and improving these tools to reach more parents and young children
    Families in SchoolsEducation, Family Engagement$100,0002017for general support
    Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.Education, Family Engagement$153,0002017for the National Home Visiting Models Alliance
    Foothill - De Anza Community Colleges FoundationEducation, Family Engagement$1,375,0002017for family engagement programs for underserved, low-income families and professional development for educators and providers
    Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting InitiativesEducation, Family Engagement$96,8962017to support the Institute for Advancement of Family Support Professionals in creating the Career Compass Expert Panel
    First FocusEducation, Family Engagement$35,0002017for general support
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