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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Center for Law and Social PolicyHuman Rights, Immigration$200,0002018to support the Protecting Immigrant Families campaign
    The Justice And Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San FranciscoHuman Rights, Immigration$800,0002018for the Northern California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice and the Northern California Rapid Response and Immigrant Defense Network
    Immigrant Legal Resource CenterHuman Rights, Immigration$50,0002018for attorney and staff time to participate in the Support for Immigrant and Refugee Students project
    Community InitiativesHuman Rights, Immigration$900,0002018for the California Campus Catalyst Fund
    American Immigration CouncilHuman Rights, Immigration$500,0002018for general support
    Tahirih Justice CenterHuman Rights, Immigration$100,0002018for Tahirih's San Francisco Bay Area office
    Californians TogetherHuman Rights, Immigration$93,0002018for coordination and management of the Support for Immigrant and Refugee Students project
    National Immigration Law CenterHuman Rights, Immigration$250,0002018to support the No Muslim Ban Ever and Protecting Immigrant Families campaigns
    Define AmericanHuman Rights, Immigration$150,0002017for getting more diverse immigrant voices represented in the news and entertainment media to counter anti-immigrant sentiments and narratives
    Chinese For Affirmative ActionHuman Rights, Immigration$5,0002017for sponsorship of the first Celebrating Our Roots fundraiser and reception
    Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and RefugeesHuman Rights, Immigration$50,0002017to engage education stakeholders to address the needs of PreK-12 immigrant and refugee children in California
    Legal Aid Society of San Mateo CountyHuman Rights, Immigration$60,0002017to support LIBRE's public benefits work
    Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law CaucusHuman Rights, Immigration$250,0002017for activities to defend against mass deportations and ensure that California remains a leader in protecting and advocating for its immigrant communities
    Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto IncHuman Rights, Immigration$310,0002017for the immigration program
    Immigrant Legal Resource CenterHuman Rights, Immigration$75,0002017for the Ready Bay Area collaborative
    Institute for Local GovernmentHuman Rights, Immigration$80,0002017to further develop regional approaches to immigrant integration in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties
    The Regents of the University of California Los AngelesHuman Rights, Immigration$30,0002017to support the Silicon Valley cohort of the Dream Summer Leadership Program
    College TrackHuman Rights, Immigration$110,0002017for scholarships, supports, and key staff members working with DREAMers across its sites
    Immigrant Legal Resource CenterHuman Rights, Immigration$450,0002017for general support
    Community InitiativesHuman Rights, Immigration$300,0002017for Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)
    The Justice And Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San FranciscoHuman Rights, Immigration$175,0002017for the Northern California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice
    Black Alliance for Just ImmigrationHuman Rights, Immigration$150,0002017for general support ($100,000) and to support a “Safety Beyond Policing” convening ($50,000)
    The Nation InstituteHuman Rights, Immigration$100,0002017to support reporting at the Nation Institute on immigration policy and the criminalization of immigrant communities
    Neo Philanthropy Inc.Human Rights, Immigration$20,0002017to engage NEO's senior fellow Kung Li to explore the current mass criminalization and immigration landscape and to plan and convene a group of funders to direct resources to priority needs in the field
    Puente Human Rights MovementHuman Rights, Immigration$200,0002017for regranting to local grassroots organizing projects and for general support
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