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    Grant Amount

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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    San Jose Grail Family ServicesEducation, Effective Practice$300,0002021for general support
    Erikson InstituteEducation, Effective Practice$250,0002021for activities focused on racial justice in early mathematics
    The Institute for Educational Leadership IncEducation, Effective Practice$25,0002021for sponsorship of the 2021 National Family and Community Engagement Conference
    Tides CenterEducation, Effective Practice$25,0002021for the ECEPTS National Conference on ECE Apprenticeships
    La Luz CenterEducation, Effective Practice$300,0002021for Parents/Padres LEAD
    The Trustees of the University of PennsylvaniaEducation, Effective Practice$199,9472021to study impacts of an early-grades formative assessment for math
    California Education PartnersEducation, Effective Practice$2,000,0002021for a multi-district, early grades continuous improvement collaboration
    Parent Institute for Quality Education IncEducation, Effective Practice$300,0002021for general support
    Parent PossibleEducation, Effective Practice$50,0002021for the National HIPPY Network
    Parents as Teachers National Center, IncEducation, Effective Practice$850,0002021for the Rapid Response HV Collaborative
    Santa Cruz Community HealthEducation, Effective Practice$225,0002021for Live Oak Cradle to Career
    Californians Dedicated to Education FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$15,0002021for 2021 CA Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) Symposium
    California Community FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$250,0002021for the LA County 2021Summer Learning Initiative
    National Center for Families LearningEducation, Effective Practice$30,0002021to support the 2021 National Center for Families Learning Conference
    National Black Child Development Institute, Inc.Education, Effective Practice$300,0002021for general support
    Education Development Center Inc.Education, Effective Practice$125,0002021for Young Mathematicians in Worcester sustainability planning
    Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLPEducation, Effective Practice$300,0002021for resources and technical assistance to state and local leaders on the equitable transition to school re-engagement for early learners
    Ultimate Block Party Inc.Education, Effective Practice$798,6342021to co-design community-based playful learning experiences with families
    Tides CenterEducation, Effective Practice$1,000,0002021for the Starfish Institute’s STEM education work
    National Association for Family School and Community EngagementEducation, Effective Practice$1,920,0002021for the National Center for Family Math implementation
    The Century Foundation, Inc.Education, Effective Practice$75,0002021for an online forum for DLL/EL educators during pandemic recovery
    University of MarylandEducation, Effective Practice$193,9192021for analysis of parent-child math talk
    Regents of the University of MichiganEducation, Effective Practice$199,8402021for policy briefs
    TalkingPointsEducation, Effective Practice$250,0002021to enhance the quality and quantity of home-school engagement
    TODOS: Mathematics for ALLEducation, Effective Practice$100,0002021for general support

    The list above contains awards approved by the Foundation. These are primarily grants, but also include direct charitable activities (DCAs) and program-related investments (PRIs). DCAs are distributions a foundation makes to conduct its own charitable activities, rather than by or through other organi­zations. PRIs are investments with a charitable purpose for which the Foundation’s primary purpose is not to produce income. Under IRS regulations, the expenses associated with DCAs and PRIs count toward a foundation’s qualifying distributions and are reported on its IRS Form 990-PF.

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