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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Education Commission of the StatesEducation, Effective Practice$331,8752019to support development and implementation of state early STEM policies
    Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$1,000,0002019for Too Small to Fail
    Education First Consulting LLCEducation, Effective Practice$422,8042019to support the Family Math Roadmap Year Two
    Community InitiativesEducation, Effective Practice$950,0002019to build capacity for approaches to reduce early chronic absence in California through local peer learning networks and a statewide community of practice
    Tides CenterEducation, Effective Practice$747,6142019to support 100Kin10
    Neo Philanthropy Inc.Education, Effective Practice$40,0002019for the Funders Group on Parent Organizing, Family Engagement, and Parent Leadership
    Tides CenterEducation, Effective Practice$200,0002019for Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors
    Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting InitiativesEducation, Effective Practice$250,0002019for a dissemination and sustainability plan for the Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals online training system for home visitors and other family support professionals
    The Young People's ProjectEducation, Effective Practice$500,0002019for MathTalk
    Bellwether Education PartnersEducation, Effective Practice$103,7362019for a review of research and practice about math learning for emerging-bilingual learners
    KCETLinkEducation, Effective Practice$650,1892019for the Compton Family Math Initiative
    Philanthropic Ventures FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$200,0002019for a mini-grant program to support teachers and learners in low-income communities with mathematics-related classroom resources, educational field trips, and professional development
    Californians TogetherEducation, Effective Practice$59,9502019to identify opportunities to support dual language acquisition in family child care
    Education Development Center Inc.Education, Effective Practice$745,8092019for the Young Mathematicians in Worchester project
    Orange County Superintendent of SchoolsEducation, Effective Practice$218,4502019for preschool GLAD(R) materials and release time
    University of ChicagoEducation, Effective Practice$54,5812019for a literature review to support the Family Math Roadmap Project
    Illustrative MathematicsEducation, Effective Practice$1,250,0002019for early grades school math curriculum and professional learning
    National Center for Families LearningEducation, Effective Practice$17,5002019to support the 2019 National Center for Families Learning Conference
    Sobrato Early Academic Language ProgramEducation, Effective Practice$504,0002019for DLL professional development release time and materials
    Education First Consulting LLCEducation, Effective Practice$26,0102019to include an expanded focus on early learning into a scan of English Language Learner practices in California school districts
    New Venture FundEducation, Effective Practice$2,100,0002019for an emerging bilingual learners collaborative
    Teachers Development GroupEducation, Effective Practice$10,0002019for the Symposium on Early Childhood Mathematics Professional Development
    Southern California GrantmakersEducation, Effective Practice$149,7322019for planning support to create a comprehensive home visiting system in LA County
    Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.Education, Effective Practice$60,0002019for the National Home Visiting Models Alliance
    Education First Consulting LLCEducation, Effective Practice$25,0002019for California Education Funder Collaborative membership
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