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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    National Association for the Education of Young ChildrenEducation, Past Strategies$400,0002017to prepare and conduct analyses of data sets of the accreditation systems for early childhood education programs and early childhood education professional preparation programs in institutions of higher education
    California Child Care Resource and Referral NetworkEducation, Past Strategies$200,0002017for general support
    Tides FoundationEducation, Past Strategies$750,0002017for support for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
    ParentPowered PBCEducation, Past Strategies$300,0002017to provide parents of young children with easy-to-use tools, including a text-based intervention, to inform parenting activities and approaches, while rapidly scaling and improving these tools to reach more parents and young children
    Education Development Center Inc.Education, Past Strategies$180,0002017to study vertical alignment in order to strengthen early learning outcomes for young children
    New Venture FundEducation, Past Strategies$250,0002017to carry forth an agenda in support of the California ECE system, with an emphasis on making the case for additional compensation, preparation, training, and on going professional development for the ECE workforce
    Trustees of Boston CollegeEducation, Past Strategies$224,6282017to identify specific parental actions that foster children’s math learning and strategy use and to develop and disseminate math activities informed by this research evidence
    The Opportunity InstituteEducation, Past Strategies$1,000,0002017for Too Small to Fail
    YMCA of Silicon ValleyEducation, Past Strategies$969,0522017for planning and implementation of Make Connections across the Y-USA network
    University of ChicagoEducation, Past Strategies$1,038,8032017to make the Getting on Track system broadly accessible to preschool programs and to support persistence of math learning gains in kindergarten
    Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.Education, Past Strategies$153,0002017for the National Home Visiting Models Alliance
    Silicon Valley Education FoundationEducation, Past Strategies$1,7002017for the reprinting 1,000 copies of the "Strengthening Early Math" report to be distributed at the Early Math Adds Up conference
    MomsRising Education FundEducation, Past Strategies$200,0002017for general support
    Somos Mayfair Inc.Education, Past Strategies$335,0002017for general support
    Education DCAEducation, Past Strategies$100,0002017to bring key stakeholders together to assess the state of the field, define a vision and plan for strengthening the field, and consider coordinating options
    New America FoundationEducation, Past Strategies$400,0002017to support the work of the Education Policy team, with a specific focus on the early childhood workforce and pre-k to grade 3 alignment issues
    Families in SchoolsEducation, Past Strategies$100,0002017for general support
    Child Care Law CenterEducation, Past Strategies$150,0002017for general support
    University of WashingtonEducation, Past Strategies$227,4902017for the National P-3 Center
    Frameworks InstituteEducation, Past Strategies$214,0002017for communications research that will yield strategies for reframing early math
    WGBH Educational FoundationEducation, Past Strategies$164,6052017for Monkeying Around, project to develop media resources to engage preschool children, their teachers, and their families in computational thinking and mathematics
    Common Sense MediaEducation, Past Strategies$300,0002017for curation of early learning resources and tools to serve parents and educators (both English- and Spanish-speaking)
    Teaching ChannelEducation, Past Strategies$122,1542017to partner with the Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME) Network to develop video exemplars of preschool math teaching
    Council for a Strong AmericaEducation, Past Strategies$150,0002017to build momentum to help form lasting support for programs that benefit children and families through unexpected messengers
    Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLPEducation, Past Strategies$325,0002017for EducationCounsel to leverage the opportunities within the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to build birth-to-third grade systems at the state and district level

    The list above contains awards approved by the Foundation. These are primarily grants, but also include direct charitable activities (DCAs) and program-related investments (PRIs). DCAs are distributions a foundation makes to conduct its own charitable activities, rather than by or through other organi­zations. PRIs are investments with a charitable purpose for which the Foundation’s primary purpose is not to produce income. Under IRS regulations, the expenses associated with DCAs and PRIs count toward a foundation’s qualifying distributions and are reported on its IRS Form 990-PF.

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