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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Southern Center for Human RightsHuman Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002018for implementation of the new Atlanta Municipal Bail Ordinance and policy advocacy for efforts in other cities across the state to eliminate wealth-based detention in Georgia
    Movement Strategy CenterLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$5,0002018for 2018 membership dues
    Education DCAEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$7,0002018for facilitation for two meetings for the Early Childhood Workforce Investment Initiative (EC WIIN)
    Organizational Effectiveness DCALocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$10,7502018for select grantees to attend the 2018 Communications Network Conference
    Public Policy Institute of CaliforniaClimate & Clean Energy, Climate Policy$15,0002018for the 2018 PPIC Statewide Survey on Californians and the Environment
    California Institute of TechnologyScience, Fundamental Physics$196,0342018for research and development supporting a laboratory search for CP-violating physics via nuclear magnetic quadrupole moments
    Reach Out and Read IncEducation, Early Math$914,1002018for a multi-region rollout of ROR's Early Math Initiative
    All Good Work Space FoundationEducation, Local$74,6152018for the Silicon Valley expansion
    Acadia CenterClimate & Clean Energy, Climate Policy$250,0002018to advance clean heating in buildings and clean electric transportation in the Northeast
    Aspen Global Change Institute Inc.Science, Climate Change Science$158,5212018for planning and convening interdisciplinary climate science workshops
    Education Development Center Inc.Education, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$200,0002018for the first phase of developing Connect for Children, a national network of comprehensive early learning partnerships across the United States
    National Committee for Responsive PhilanthropyEducation, Emerging Opportunities$20,0002018for 2018 membership dues
    National Association of Black JournalistsEducation, Emerging Opportunities$5,0002018for 2018 Convention and Career Fair sponsorship
    Tides FoundationHuman Rights, Justice Reform$525,0002018for the Justice Collaborative
    Southern California GrantmakersLocal and Emerging Opportunities, Emerging Opportunities$2,5002018for the 2018 conference
    Teachers College Columbia UniversityEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$1,181,7982018to build a new cadre of leaders on early childhood policy through higher education institutions
    Generation Citizen IncLocal and Emerging Opportunities$50,0002018for general support
    Advanced Energy Economy InstituteClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$500,0002018to educate gubernatorial candidates on advanced energy
    University of WashingtonScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$67,0002018to support the 3rd workshop on microwave cavities and detectors for axion searches
    California Children and Families Foundation Inc.Education, Family Engagement$600,0002018to launch a First 5 network and capacity building initiative focused on leadership development and cross-county coordination
    JobTrain Inc.Education, Local$75,0002018for general support
    Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable TechnologiesClimate & Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$100,0002018to support a building decarbonization coalition in California
    New Venture FundScience, Communications & Linkages$250,0002018for three years of full membership in the Science Philanthropy Alliance
    Research Foundation of the City University of New YorkEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$425,0002018to the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
    PEAK GrantmakingEducation, Emerging Opportunities$11,8002018for 2018 and 2019 membership dues
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