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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    New Venture FundEducation, Enabling Conditions$39,6002019for an Early Learning Tour to educate California stakeholders about exemplary Pre-K programs in other states
    National Consumer Law Center IncClimate and Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$300,0002019to advance equitable transportation electrification
    University of Texas at AustinScience, Astronomy & Cosmology$55,0002019to develop a modeling tool for stellar age determination across the Hertzsprung Russell (HR) diagram
    Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions ForumClimate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$300,0002019to advance clean energy solutions
    New Venture FundClimate and Clean Energy, Climate Policy$400,0002019for the Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund
    Science DCAScience, Opportunity & Other$8,0002019for the Science Philanthropy Alliance DEI Workshop
    Social Good FundHuman Rights, Justice Reform$100,0002019for the Safe Return Project
    Protex A Network for Progressive TexasHuman Rights, Justice Reform$150,0002019for general support
    California Child Care Resource and Referral NetworkEducation, Enabling Conditions$300,0002019to support parent organizing for quality early care and education
    People Acting in Community Together IncCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$19,0002019for leadership transition support
    Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and RefugeesCommunity and Opportunity, CEO Fund$25,0002019for the evaluation of California funders’ Census 2020 investments
    Mexican American Legal Defense Educational FundHuman Rights, Crim-Imm$100,0002019for the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance
    Community InitiativesEducation, Effective Practice$950,0002019to build capacity for approaches to reduce early chronic absence in California through local peer learning networks and a statewide community of practice
    Latinojustice PrldefHuman Rights, Crim-Imm$150,0002019for the Reenvision Justicia program
    Acadia CenterCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$30,0002019for executive coaching and organizational development support
    Forward JusticeHuman Rights, Justice Reform$300,0002019for the Quest for Democracy Fund
    University of California Berkeley FoundationScience, Opportunity & Other$40,0002019for the Accelerating Basic Science at Berkeley Event
    Grantmakers for Effective OrganizationsCommunity and Opportunity, Organizational Effectiveness$18,0002019for 2019 membership dues
    Third Sector New England Inc.Human Rights, Justice Reform$200,0002019for Prosecutor Impact
    Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.Education, Effective Practice$60,0002019for the National Home Visiting Models Alliance
    President and Fellows of Harvard CollegeClimate and Clean Energy, Climate Policy$325,0002019to advance climate policy in the U.S.
    Tides CenterHuman Rights, Justice Reform$400,0002019for Californians for Safety and Justice
    Los Altos Community FoundationCommunity and Opportunity, Resilient Local Community$100,0002019for Phase II of the Giving Code Experimentation and Learning grants
    Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyScience, Women in Physics & Astronomy$30,0002019for the participation of women invited speakers and participants in the International Frontiers of Quantum Materials Workshop
    Southern Center for Human RightsHuman Rights, Justice Reform$150,0002019for general support
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