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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Natural Resources Defense CouncilClimate & Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$3,150,0002018to advance climate and clean energy policies
    American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyClimate & Clean Energy$100,0002018to advance clean transportation
    Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate & Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$450,0002018to advance transportation electrification and power system reliability
    Advanced Energy Economy InstituteClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$500,0002018to educate gubernatorial candidates on advanced energy
    Dream Corps UnlimitedClimate & Clean Energy, Transform Energy Sectors$100,0002018to advance equitable clean transportation
    The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior UniversityClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$69,0002017for an electricity market simulation game
    Natural Resources Defense CouncilClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$2,150,0002017to advance state policies that provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy services
    Rocky Mountain InstituteClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$315,0002017to advance U.S. power sector transformation
    Green Technology Leadership GroupClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$50,0002017to convene stakeholders in California to find common ground on fair compensation for distributed clean energy
    Climate Policy Initiative, Inc.Climate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$150,0002017to support development of financial tools to accelerate the transition to low-cost clean energy
    Public Policy Institute of CaliforniaClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$15,0002017for the 2017 PPIC Statewide Survey on Californians and the Environment
    National Consumer Law Center IncClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$50,0002017to promote equitable electrification of transportation
    Acadia CenterClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$75,0002017to increase clean electric transportation and building heating options in the Northeast
    Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors IncClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$250,0002017to communicate about the energy transition
    Climate Central Inc.Climate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$355,0002017to communicate the science and impacts of climate change to the public
    Clean Air Task Force Inc.Climate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$100,0002017to reduce methane emissions in the U.S. and Canada
    Asian Pacific Environmental NetworkClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$50,0002017for research and policy analysis to improve local air quality
    The Climate Group IncClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$200,0002017to engage companies on electric transportation
    Regulatory Assistance ProjectClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$100,0002017to help energy regulators advance beneficial electrification
    Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development Inc.Climate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$225,0002017to enhance competition in the Midcontinent electricity market
    Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$109,0002017to advance California climate and clean energy leadership
    Regulatory Assistance ProjectClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$50,0002017to provide technical assistance to the California Public Utilities Commission
    Aspen Global Change Institute Inc.Climate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$650,0002017for research, analysis, and technical support to advance a low-carbon future
    Citizens Utility Board Consumer Education and Research FundClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$150,0002017to maximize the benefits of electric vehicles for consumers
    Union of Concerned ScientistsClimate & Clean Energy, Other (& Opportunity)$9,0002017an additional $9,000 amendment to grant 2017-346 to advance California climate and clean energy leadership
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