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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Aspen Global Change Institute Inc.Climate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$750,0002013to support 1) research on climate science and energy technologies ; (2) policy analysis on zero-carbon energy sources and energy innovation; and 3) meetings concerning zero-carbon energy sources
    Johns Hopkins UniversityEducation, Family Engagement$500,0002013to develop an observational measure of home visiting service delivery, with the aim of improving evidence-based home visiting services and broadening their benefits for children and families
    Vanderbilt UniversityEducation, Effective Practice$624,7732013to (1) collect data on students' mathematical, executive functioning, and literacy skills longitudinally from 3rd to 8th grade and (2) examine pre-K through 8th grade predictors of mathematical competencies
    California Council on Science and TechnologyScience, Communications & Linkages$333,3332013for support of the California Science and Technology Policy Fellowship Program
    Early Childhood Funders CollaborativeEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$200,0002013for the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative (ECFC) and for the ECFC Federal Philanthropic Fund
    Californians Dedicated to Education FoundationEducation, Family Engagement$49,0102013to fund the Spanish translation, printing, and dissemination of a family engagement framework report developed by the California Department of Education
    Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.Climate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$250,0002013to drive the adoption of smart power policies and further clean energy investments in states around the U.S.
    Puente de la Costa SurEducation, Family Engagement$49,5892013to develop a community partnership and implementation plan that coordinates evidence-based family engagement services for families of young children in San Mateo County's South Coast
    East Palo Alto Kids FoundationEducation$11,2002013to provide microgrants to teachers in East Palo Alto and eastern Menlo Park, and to create a digital archive for the organization
    Natural Resources Defense CouncilClimate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$125,0002013for analyses of carbon pollution standards for existing power plants
    Trustees of Boston CollegeEducation, Family Engagement$106,4822013for an analysis of videotaped mother-child mathematical interactions and predictors of school readiness
    Foothill - De Anza Community Colleges FoundationEducation, Family Engagement$592,5002013for general support of the Family Engagement Institute program, including Stretch to Kindergarten
    Regents of the University of California at BerkeleyScience, Other$16,5002013to support retreats and on-site seminars and poster sessions for the Joint BioEnergy Institute
    Alliance for Early SuccessEducation$200,0002013for general support for the Alliance for Early Success
    Community InitiativesEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$325,0002013for the efforts of Educators for Fair Consideration to increase college access for undocumented youth
    Clean Air Task Force Inc.Climate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$200,0002013to support efforts to dramatically limit emissions of methane and carbon dioxide from U.S. natural gas and oil production activities
    Redwood City Elementary School DistrictEducation, Family Engagement$50,0002013to develop a community partnership and implementation plan that coordinates evidence-based family engagement services for families of young children in Redwood City
    San Mateo County Office of EducationEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$246,6522013to support professional development for transitional kindergarten teachers in San Mateo County
    Renewable Northwest ProjectClimate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$250,0002013to accelerate renewable resources and the associated transmission in the Pacific Northwest
    President and Fellows of Harvard CollegeEducation, Family Engagement$250,0002013to support an online national family engagement network, and its provision of interactive and strategic resources, with a focus on early childhood education, teacher professional development, and national policy
    Center for the Next GenerationEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$1,000,0002013to support the Too Small to Fail early childhood public education campaign
    Regents of the University of California at BerkeleyScience$200,0002013for retreats and on-site seminars and poster sessions for the Joint BioEnergy Institute
    California Child Care Resource and Referral NetworkEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$50,0002013for core organizational support and to produce a brief on the costs of child care
    American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral SciencesEducation, Evidence, Advocacy, & Investment$1,250,0002013for partial support of an evaluation of California's transitional kindergarten program
    Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable TechnologiesClimate and Clean Energy, Opportunity & Other$100,0002013to establish that clean energy has the ability to meet reliability, resource adequacy, and other system needs of the electric grid in California and the West
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