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    OrganizationProgramsGrant AmountYearPurpose
    Third Sector New England Inc.Education, Effective Practice$20,0002019for co-sponsorship of the BUILD conference
    Californians Dedicated to Education FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$25,0002019for 2019 California STEAM Symposium
    UnivisionEducation, Effective Practice$200,0002018for
    The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior UniversityEducation, Effective Practice$5,750,0002018for the Development and Research in Early Mathematics (DREME) Network
    Reach Out and Read IncEducation, Effective Practice$914,1002018for a multi-region rollout of ROR's Early Math Initiative
    Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.Education, Effective Practice$497,9322018for an implementation study of the scale up of two family engagement programs
    Brazelton Touchpoints FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$5,0002018to provide event tickets to parents and educators for the Symposium Honoring Dr. Brazelton
    Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting InitiativesEducation, Effective Practice$70,0002018to focus public, policymaker, and media attention on the positive outcomes generated by home visiting, as documented by recent research, with a particular focus on the results of the MIHOPE evaluation
    James Bell AssociatesEducation, Effective Practice$1,900,0002018to support the National Home Visiting Resource Center to collect, analyze, and disseminate information and research about home visiting programs to describe the current state of the field and ultimately inform policy and program improvements
    Ernst & Young LLPEducation, Effective Practice$25,0002018to identify best practices and innovations in parent and community engagement
    New Teacher CenterEducation, Effective Practice$80,0002018to design Early Learning Math modules
    Georgetown UniversityEducation, Effective Practice$460,0002018to assess the long-term effects of participation in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s publicly-funded pre-kindergarten program through high school
    Foundations, Inc.Education, Effective Practice$500,0002018to support the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
    Californians Dedicated to Education FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$25,0002018to support the 2018 California STEAM Symposium
    The Regents of the University of California Los AngelesEducation, Effective Practice$795,4532018for professional learning opportunities in mathematics for community and state college early childhood instructors in California
    Puente de la Costa SurEducation, Effective Practice$300,0002018for general support
    Erikson InstituteEducation, Effective Practice$160,0002018for a national conference on early mathematics and a roundtable convening focused on racial equity in early mathematics teaching and learning
    Education First Consulting LLCEducation, Effective Practice$194,5082018to refine, implement, and monitor progress of the activities and outcomes outlined in the Family Math Roadmap
    Frameworks InstituteEducation, Effective Practice$100,0002018for dissemination of a research-based family engagement communications strategy to promote effective and compelling family engagement messaging
    Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton FoundationEducation, Effective Practice$1,000,0002018for Too Small to Fail
    The Institute for Educational Leadership IncEducation, Effective Practice$200,0002018to improve systemic family engagement, community engagement, alignment, and transitions from pre-K to 3rd grade
    Georgetown UniversityEducation, Effective Practice$668,4542018ongoing support of research in Tulsa-area early elementary classrooms
    Education First Consulting LLCEducation, Effective Practice$415,0002018to conduct a landscape scan and research on early math instruction in California
    Education DCAEducation, Effective Practice$775,0002018for the National Home Visiting Network Steering Committee's plan to strengthen and coordinate the field of home visiting
    San Jose Grail Family ServicesEducation, Effective Practice$75,0002018to redesign and relaunch an existing parent education and support messaging tool and app for low-income Latino families with young children in East San Jose

    The list above contains awards approved by the Foundation. These are primarily grants, but also include direct charitable activities (DCAs) and program-related investments (PRIs). DCAs are distributions a foundation makes to conduct its own charitable activities, rather than by or through other organi­zations. PRIs are investments with a charitable purpose for which the Foundation’s primary purpose is not to produce income. Under IRS regulations, the expenses associated with DCAs and PRIs count toward a foundation’s qualifying distributions and are reported on its IRS Form 990-PF.

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