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Author: Heising-Simons Foundation

A Letter From Outgoing President and CEO Deanna Gomby

I am writing today to let you know that I’ve decided to retire at the end of this year.

Heising-Simons Foundation President to Retire
National Search Underway

The Heising-Simons Foundation today announced that President and CEO Deanna Gomby has decided to retire at the end of 2022, after more than 10 years leading the Foundation.

The Future of Energy Storage

Running electricity systems that rely on large amounts of clean, renewable energy that are weather-dependent like wind and solar power will require operating the electricity grid in a different way.

Welcoming New Additions to the Journalism Portfolio

The Journalism portfolio recognizes and supports journalism as a critical element of a healthy and multicultural U.S. democracy. To achieve this goal, we support nonprofit journalism organizations across two focus areas: underrepresented groups and voices in media; and investigative journalism.

NuSTAR Celebrates 10 Years in Space

Principal Investigator (PI) and Scientific Advisory Board member at NASA’s NuSTAR program, Fiona Harrison, helped celebrate 10-years in space with an exciting video detailing the program’s accomplishments over the years. The flagship mission has made numerous discoveries of extreme cosmic objects including black holes, supernova remnants, pulsars, and the Sun to name a few.

Translash Q&A with Imara Jones

My name is Imara Jones and I am the founder and CEO of Translash Media. Translash is a nonprofit media organization that uses the power of journalism and nonfiction narratives to help center trans people at a time of social backlash by telling trans stories as a tool to lower the ignorance about our community and consequently violence against our community.

Foundation CEO Deanna Gomby named to Silicon Valley magazine’s “The Power List”

Heising-Simons Foundation CEO Deanna Gomby, was named to Modern Luxury’s Silicon Valley magazine’s  “The Power List” this month. 

Why I Work on Climate

After three decades as a climate advocate, I’m excited to have joined late last year the Heising-Simons Foundation as the director of the Climate and Clean Energy program. I am honored to lead a team of extraordinarily dedicated and passionate experts.

Virtual Book Event: David Dennis Jr. In Conversation With Tonya Mosley

Five years ago, the Heising-Simons Foundation started the American Mosaic Journalism Prize, awarded for excellence in long-form, narrative, or deep reporting on stories about underrepresented and/or misrepresented groups in the American landscape. The prize aims to recognize and support freelance journalists with an unrestricted cash award of $100,000 per recipient, call attention to the recipients’ great promise, and to give them the freedom to continue their work.