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Grant Highlight: Rural Investment to Protect our Environment

Rural Investment to Protect our Environment (RIPE) is a coalition of farmers, ranchers, and agricultural trade association representatives advancing a national dialogue for bipartisan, comprehensive, climate policy that integrates agricultural solutions. This grant supports RIPE’s effortsto build support for climate policies that expand compensation for effective climate and environmental stewardship practices from agricultural leaders, including… Continue Reading

Post: Foundation Advisory Board Member And NASA’s NuSTAR

Heising-Simons Foundation Science Advisory Board Member, Dr. Fiona Harrison— the Benjamin M. Rosen Professor of Physics, Kent and Joyce Kresa Leadership Chair, Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy at California Institute of Technology—is also renowned for being principal investigator for NASA’s NuSTAR (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) mission.

Post: A Letter from Liz Simons, Chair of the Board

Some 15 years ago, when our family foundation was barely a glimmer in our eye, I met Deanna at an early childhood education gathering in San Jose. Deanna stood out from the other policy experts; she was brilliant, steeped in knowledge about young children’s learning. I was delighted when she agreed to go out to lunch with me and talk to me about everything she knew.

Post: The Future of Energy Storage

Running electricity systems that rely on large amounts of clean, renewable energy that are weather-dependent like wind and solar power will require operating the electricity grid in a different way.

Post: Welcoming New Additions to the Journalism Portfolio

The Journalism portfolio recognizes and supports journalism as a critical element of a healthy and multicultural U.S. democracy. To achieve this goal, we support nonprofit journalism organizations across two focus areas: underrepresented groups and voices in media; and investigative journalism.

Person: Matt Oberhoffner

Matt Oberhoffner is a program officer for the Climate and Clean Energy program at the Heising-Simons Foundation. Matt has spent over a decade working on winning advocacy campaigns in the climate and clean air space, including securing federal greenhouse gas standards on vehicles and powerplants, as well as the first-ever federal methane leakage controls from… Continue Reading

Post: Translash Q&A with Imara Jones

My name is Imara Jones and I am the founder and CEO of Translash Media. Translash is a nonprofit media organization that uses the power of journalism and nonfiction narratives to help center trans people at a time of social backlash by telling trans stories as a tool to lower the ignorance about our community and consequently violence against our community.