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Post: Inside Philanthropy Highlights the Heising-Simons Foundation

Recently, philanthropy news outlet Inside Philanthropy featured three stories about the Heising-Simons Foundation, including a profile of the Foundation, as well as two stories about the Foundation’s Science program. To read the articles, please click on the links below: Inside the Heising-Simons Foundation: A Brainy Startup Finds its Way in 3 Major Arenas How a Young… Continue Reading

Post: Joining the Giving Pledge

Mark Heising and Liz Simons, founders of the Heising-Simons Foundation, announced their participation in the Giving Pledge today. The Giving Pledge is a multi-generational, global initiative created by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates that encourages the wealthiest families to give the majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes. The following is the letter Liz… Continue Reading

Page: Fundamental Physics

The goal of the Foundation’s fundamental physics grantmaking is to enable novel experimental and theoretical investigations of the fundamental forces and particles that govern all matter, energy, and structure in the universe. Physicists believe that everything in the universe is made from a few basic building blocks called fundamental particles, whose interactions are governed by… Continue Reading

Page: Climate Change Science

The goal of the Foundation’s climate change science grantmaking is to enable research that provides the scientific foundation for understanding global climate change and its ramifications for mankind. Global climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. The scientific community almost unanimously agrees that human activities—primarily the production of greenhouse gases… Continue Reading

Page: Astronomy and Cosmology

The goal of the Foundation’s astronomy and cosmology grantmaking is to enhance and accelerate new scientific discoveries that illuminate basic understanding of the universe and its celestial objects and processes. Cosmology studies the origin and evolution of the universe as a whole, and astronomy focuses on the bodies, structures, and events that the universe contains.… Continue Reading

Page: Early Education Policy

The goal of the Foundation’s early education policy grantmaking is to advance a higher-quality, better-funded early childhood system through support for policy analysis, advocacy, and implementation nationally and in California. The current early childhood system lacks adequate funding to support the delivery of high-quality programs and services to all children and, as a result, cannot… Continue Reading

Page: Early Educational Transitions

The goal of the Foundation’s early educational transitions grantmaking is to promote an education system in which early learning connects and aligns with later learning. By connecting and aligning early and later learning, a child’s education becomes a continuum rather than a series of fragmented experiences. In this way, gains made in the earliest years… Continue Reading