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Page: Early Educational Transitions

The goal of the Foundation’s early educational transitions grantmaking is to promote an education system in which early learning connects and aligns with later learning. By connecting and aligning early and later learning, a child’s education becomes a continuum rather than a series of fragmented experiences. In this way, gains made in the earliest years… Continue Reading

Page: For Current Grantees

Interim Report Guidelines Download Final Report Guidelines Download Logo and Acknowledgment Guidelines See Here Tools for Communicators See Here Organizational Effectiveness for Foundation Grantees See Here

Page: For Invited Grantseekers

The Heising-Simons Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals in any of its grantmaking areas. If you have been invited to submit a letter of inquiry or a proposal to the Foundation, please contact your program officer for additional instructions. Frequently Asked Questions What is the Foundation’s indirect cost policy?It is the Foundation’s policy that the grant under… Continue Reading

Page: Community and Opportunity

The Foundation’s Community and Opportunity program focuses on four areas: resilient local community, organizational effectiveness for Foundation grantees, journalism, and the CEO Fund. Grants made under this program are offered by invitation only. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. WHAT'S NEW Welcoming New Additions to the Journalism PortfolioJuly 8, 2022Translash Q&A with Imara JonesJune… Continue Reading

Page: Human Rights

The Foundation’s Human Rights program envisions a society where people are free to live whole, safe, and dignified lives. At present, we are far from this vision in the United States because structural racism pervades our society and manifests through systems of punishment — mass incarceration and immigrant detention. The result is the criminalization of… Continue Reading

Climate and Clean Energy

Page: Climate and Clean Energy

The goal of the Foundation’s Climate and Clean Energy program is to protect people and the planet from the worst impacts of climate change by cutting pollution and accelerating the transition to a clean energy future. We aim to help make energy clean, affordable, safe, and reliable for all. The program’s grantmaking supports organizations that… Continue Reading

Page: Science

The goal of the Foundation’s Science program is to support fundamental research primarily in the physical sciences. We believe that basic research, when done strategically, has the potential to innovate, elevate, and revolutionize humanity’s knowledge and understanding of the universe. Across its funding, the program employs three major approaches: enabling basic scientific research, connecting key… Continue Reading

Page: Financials and Policies

Amount Awarded by Program in 2021 Total Awarded: $134.5M. Due to rounding, percentages may not always add up to 100%. Total Awarded By Year (in $) 2007: 4.5M2008: 9.6M2009: 8.7M2010: 9.3M2011: 18M2012: 22.8M2013: 23.5M2014: 38.2M2015: 43.1M2016: 55.2M2017: 75.7M2018: 103.1M2019: 117.6M2020: 131.2M2021: 134.5M 2020 2020 Audited Financial Statements Access the Foundation’s 2020 audited financial statements. Download 2020 Form… Continue Reading