Karen Laughlin

Program Officer, Climate and Clean Energy

Karen Laughlin is a program officer for the Climate and Clean Energy program at the Heising-Simons Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2017, Karen served in government and the non-profit sector on climate, transportation, and clean energy policy. As a senior analyst at Climate Policy Initiative, she jointly led the U.S. Program to analyze and recommend policies to lower the costs of low-carbon economy transition. She has served as a senior policy advisor in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality, focusing on biofuels regulation and later leading the office’s international transportation team and strategy. Karen is also the co-founder of CURe – The Foundation for Compassionate Use Reform. She earned a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Cornell University and holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and policy from Duke University.

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