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Prize winner Jaeah Lee’s “Why Was Vicha Ratanapakdee Killed?”
The New York Times Magazine August 17, 2021

Prize Recipient Jaeah Lee’s “The Courts Beat”
Columbia Journalism Review February 2, 2021

Prize Winner Valeria Fernández’s “A Moment On The Farm”
Latino USA May 29, 2020

Prize Winner Rebecca Nagle’s “Oklahoma’s Suspect Argument in Front of the Supreme Court”
The Atlantic May 8, 2020

Prize Winner Rebecca Nagle’s “The US Has Neglected Indian Country for Years. Now Comes a Pandemic”
VICE Mach 27, 2020

Cherokee journalist wins $100,000 prize
Tulsa World February 5, 2020

Top journalist focuses on sovereignty, ICWA
Tahlequah Daily Press March 3, 2020

A Prize That Boosts Freelance Journalists
The Chronicle of Philanthropy March 3, 2020

PAPER TRAILS: Journalist from state takes prize
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette February 9, 2020

Cherokee author awarded $100,000 for journalism excellence
Indian Country Today February 6, 2020

Two Freelance Journalists Awarded $100,000 for Reporting on Overlooked Communities in the U.S.
Official Press Release February 5, 2020

Prize Winner Valeria Fernández’s “She raised her niece like a daughter. Then the US government separated them at the border.”
The Guardian  October 25, 2019

Prize Winner Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah talks to NPR on the legacy of Toni Morrison
NPR  August 7, 2019

Prize Winner Valeria Fernández’s “The Young Hands That Feed Us”
Pacific Standard  July 9, 2019

Alumna Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah ’11 Receives American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Columbia University School of the Arts February 13, 2019

Big journalism winners
Poynter  February 5, 2019

Reporter on Missoula refugee family, Arlee Warrior movement nets $100,000 prize
Missoulian February 5, 2019

SF writer wins $100,000 American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Albuquerque Journal February 5, 2019

A Journalism Golden Age? Not Just Yet: Behind a Funder’s Critical Support for Freelancers
Inside Philanthropy February 22, 2018

2018 Annual Conference Featuring the American Mosaic Journalism Prize Winners
Northern California Grantmakers January 25, 2018

Valeria Fernández y Jaeah Lee, Premio periodístico Mosaico Estadunidense (Spanish)
Radio Bilingüe January 24, 2018

Local journalist wins the first American Mosaic Journalism Prize (Video)
Arizona PBS January 24, 2018

Freelance Writers Win New $100,000 Journalism Prize
New York Times  January 24, 2018

New Journalism Competition Awards $100,000 Each to its First Two Winners
The Chronicle of Philanthropy  January 24, 2018

Radio Bilingüe interview with Valeria Fernandez (Audio; Spanish)
Radio Bilingüe January 25, 2018

Two Freelance Writers Win New Journalism Prize in California
Washington Post  January 24, 2018

2 Journalists Win Prizes for Work on Underrepresented People
The Washington Post February 5, 2021

2 Each Get $100K for Writing on Underrepresented
Journal-isms / Richard Prince February 5, 2021

Prize Winner Rebecca Nagle’s “Native Americans being left out of US coronavirus data and labelled as ‘other'”
The Guardian April 24, 2020

Awards—Rebecca Nagle and Darcy Courteau
Women Rule, Politico February 7, 2020

Ozarks Native Receives Prize for Work Documenting Marginalized Communities (audio)
KUAF—NPR February 6, 2020

“Humanize the World.” Cultivating Empathy is a Key Goal for This Journalism Funder
Inside Philanthropy February 27, 2020

Tahlequah freelancer wins journalism prize
Tahlequah Daily Press February 6, 2020

Cherokee journalist Rebecca Nagle wins prize for work on Indian law case February 6, 2020

Rebecca Nagle and the Podcast ‘This Land’
Daily Yonder February 5, 2020

Freelancers, a Cherokee and an Ozarker, win $100,000 for journalism about Native Americans and a migrant’s journey
The Rural Blog February 5, 2020

Freelance journalists Rebecca Nagle and Darcy Courteau are the recipients of the 2020 American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Journal-isms: The news column on diversity issues in the news media February 9, 2020

Cherokee journalist brings Native issues to national stage
Cherokee Phoenix February 25, 2020

Prize Winner Jaeah Lee awarded 2018-19 Debra E. Bernhardt Labor Journalism Prize
Labor Arts October 16, 2019

Going to the 2018 Mayborn Conference? Don’t miss these highlights
Dallas News July 11, 2018

Alumnus Streep wins $100,000 Journalism Prize
The Middlebury Campus March 7, 2019

Freelance Journalists Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah and Abe Streep Named 2019 Recipients of the American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Official Press Release  February 5, 2019

NewsHour: Segment on American Mosaic Journalism Prize Winners (Video)
PBS NewsHour  February 5, 2019

FIRST IN MORNING MEDIA: Freelance journalists Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah and Abe Streep have won the American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Politico February 5, 2019

Freelance Journalists Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah and Abe Streep Named 2019 Recipients of the American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Associated Press February 5, 2019

NYU Alumna Wins $100,000 Journalism Prize
Washington Square News February 1, 2018

Meet the Inaugural Recipients of the American Mosaic Journalism Prize
The Beat January 25, 2018

There’s a new award for freelancers (and it comes with $100,000)
Poynter  January 24, 2018

Valeria Fernández wins inaugural American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Arizona State University  January 24, 2018

New Times Contributor Valeria Fernández Wins $100,000 Journalism Prize
Phoenix New Times  January 24, 2018

Univision interview with Valeria Fernández (Video; Spanish)
Noticias Arizona January 25, 2018

Freelance Journalists Jaeah Lee and Valeria Fernández Each Receive $100,000 Inaugural American Mosaic Journalism Prize
Official Press Release  January 24, 2018

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