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The Foundation’s Community and Opportunity program focuses on four areas: local community, organizational effectiveness for Foundation grantees, journalism, and the CEO Fund.

Grants made under this program are offered by invitation only. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.


The program’s grantmaking supports organizations and coalitions that help advance and implement policies to spur large-scale progress curbing pollution, and to ensure that a clean energy future is a just and prosperous one for overburdened and vulnerable communities. We do that by funding efforts primarily in the United States, focused on four strategic areas: advancing climate policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; transforming the energy sectors that are the primary source of pollution; cutting the most potent pollutants, such as methane; and seizing time-sensitive opportunities to achieve large-scale emission reductions.

The program’s grantee partners help advance equitable, clean energy policy quickly, boldly, and inclusively. For example, grantees design and advocate for effective policies, build coalitions to foster policy improvements, communicate the urgency to take action on climate change and the benefits of clean energy, and empower leaders to be bold and innovative.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

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Grantmaking Areas

Local Community 

Cradled in Silicon Valley, San Jose is the 10th largest city in the nation and has one of the highest rates of economic inequity in the country. To address this disparity, the Foundation believes in the importance of building local resident power and supports San Jose community organizations, emerging leaders, and a strong ecosystem of city government, nonprofits, and residents.

Organizational Effectiveness

The Foundation supports projects that build the organizational effectiveness of its current grantees. Note: these funds are only available to organizations that are active Foundation grantees.


The Foundation’s journalism grants strive to strengthen and sustain journalism as an essential arm of U.S. democracy. This includes support of key organizations and leaders in investigative journalism, and those that elevate underrepresented voices and content in mainstream media.

CEO Fund

The Foundation’s CEO Fund includes grants led by the Foundation’s President and CEO, and are in addition to those made in the Foundation’s primary areas.


The American Mosaic Journalism Prize is awarded annually for excellence in long-form, narrative, or deep reporting on stories about underrepresented and/or misrepresented groups in the present American landscape. The Prize recognizes two freelance journalists with an unrestricted cash award of $100,000 per recipient.

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