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The goal of the CEO Fund is to address the impact of technology on society—harnessing its promise and mitigating its risks. It aims to build a more just and inclusive society—one where those most affected by harms and inequities not only benefit from such advancements, but where their perspectives and needs are centered in the design and deployment of emerging technologies. 


Technological and scientific advancements contribute to the betterment of society—expanding knowledge and opportunity, improving health outcomes, offering connectivity, and facilitating meaningful work. Yet, many of these advancements have disparate outcomes for different groups, the effects of which are not always assessed in the design, development, and deployment.

Seemingly neutral institutional designs and policy choices can exacerbate discrimination and bias against marginalized and vulnerable individuals and communities. Decision automation in many contexts—from approving welfare claims to defining boundaries for voting to sentencing in the criminal justice system—has significant implications for individual freedoms, opportunities, and choice. Sophisticated AI-powered surveillance technologies affect our right to privacy and autonomy. The spread of disinformation through online platforms has eroded public trust, increased skepticism of public leaders and institutions, and affected the integrity of the political process.

Even new technologies that are essential to human potential and planetary preservation might come with hidden costs and exacerbate injustice. The climate, environmental, and societal impacts of digital technologies and data processing include the mining of rare-earth minerals, increased consumption of water and electricity, and use of child labor and AI workers in the global South.

Calls for algorithmic transparency, data privacy, and attention to the impacts of generative AI require sustained focus by civil society, media, and academia.

The CEO Fund is in the exploratory phase of grantmaking this year, under the leadership of the Foundation’s President and CEO, Sushma Raman. Raman comes to the Foundation with over two decades of experience launching, leading, and scaling philanthropic and social justice initiatives and coalitions. She most recently spent almost eight years as Executive Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, where she helped launch the center’s well-regarded technology and human rights program, including a highly competitive fellowship program for activists, academics, and policy makers. Her first co-authored book, The Coming Good Society: Why New Realities Demand New Rights, was published in 2020 by Harvard University Press and focuses on the impact of technological and scientific advancements and norms changes on the human rights framework.   

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