Our Goal

The goal of the Foundation’s grantmaking in education is to facilitate the creation and strengthening of early childhood systems necessary for children from low-income families and children of color to reach their full potential by the year 2044, the year when the US becomes majority-minority.


All children deserve access to opportunities that support them to thrive—in school, at home, and in the community. Yet, for millions of US children, their families, and their communities, access to such opportunities is affected by historic and present-day policies and practices that work in reinforcing ways to perpetuate racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequities.

Children from low-income families and children of color do not have the same access to high-quality educational opportunities as do their peers. Their educational outcomes are lower. The opportunity and achievement gaps start early and result in much lower rates of college completion and social mobility for these children. While a high-quality education is important across a child’s life, much of the brain’s development occurs during the early years. This makes it an essential time to reduce educational disparities and improve the lives of children.

The Foundation’s work focuses on both California and the United States. The program’s strategy spans birth-to-3rd-grade and recognizes that early learning happens in many settings, both within the formal education system and outside of it—most notably, within families.

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Grantmaking Areas

Enabling Conditions

This portfolio focuses on creating the systemic conditions that best enable high-quality interactions between children and adults, and that best foster positive learning environments, both nationally and in California.

Major Initiatives:

Enabling Conditions

Effective Practice

This portfolio focuses on effective practices within the systems and settings in which children develop and learn.

Major Initiatives:


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