Climate and Clean Energy

The goal of the Foundation’s Climate and Clean Energy program is to protect people and the planet from the worst impacts of climate change by cutting pollution and accelerating the transition to a clean energy future. We aim to help make energy clean, affordable, safe, and reliable for all.

The program’s grantmaking supports organizations that help advance policies to spur large-scale progress curbing pollution, and to ensure that a low-carbon future is a prosperous one for the most vulnerable communities. We do that by funding efforts primarily in the U.S. focused on four strategic areas: advancing climate policy to limit greenhouse gas emissions; transforming the energy sectors that are the primary source of pollution; cutting the most potent pollutants, such as methane; and seizing time-sensitive opportunities to achieve large-scale emission reductions.

The program’s grantee partners help advance policy quickly and boldly. For example, grantees design and advocate for effective policies, build coalitions to foster policy improvements, communicate the urgency to take action on climate change and the benefits of clean energy, and empower leaders to be bold and innovative.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.



Total Awarded


Strategic Areas

Securing Climate Policy

We support efforts in leading states and nationally to advance policies that mitigate climate change and provide additional benefits to vulnerable communities.

Transforming the Energy Sectors

We enable cutting-edge efforts to modernize the energy system, and ensure its benefits are widely shared.

Cutting Potent Pollutants

We advance efforts to reduce leaks from oil and gas infrastructure, to reduce waste of natural gas and methane emissions.

Maximizing Opportunities

We set aside a small budget each year to seize time-sensitive opportunities that can provide large-scale emission reductions.

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