Climate & Clean Energy

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The goal of the Foundation’s Climate and Clean Energy program is to protect people and the planet from the worst impacts of climate change by accelerating the transition to a clean energy future.

Dramatic improvements in technology are transforming the energy utility business. The global zero-carbon energy market is growing exponentially, while costs plunge below those of traditional resources. Outdated policies and regulatory paradigms, however, designed for a fossil fuel-based era, hinder progress toward a modern industrial economy based on zero-carbon energy.

Working with advisors at Energy Innovation, we invest in research and analysis to create and share knowledge that transforms the power sector. We also invest in advocacy to drive environmentally and economically sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of energy. Our grantmaking focuses on three strategic areas: the intellectual foundation for sound policy, smart regulatory interventions, and strategic communications.

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Strategic Areas

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Intellectual Foundation

We support the development of a strong intellectual foundation that anticipates the required changes in the electricity sector and sheds light on clean energy policy solutions.

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Smart Regulatory Interventions

We support the introduction of clean energy policy solutions to important venues through sophisticated regulatory interventions in leading public utility commissions.

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Strategic Communications

We support strategic communications and targeted messaging that strives to advance the adoption of climate and clean energy solutions by policy makers, regulators, influential networks, and opinion-makers.

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