The African American Community Service Agency (AACSA), founded in 1978, is the only agency in Silicon Valley with a distinct focus on serving Black, African American, and African/African Ancestry populations, in addition to Latinx, immigrant, and other underserved communities. AACSA seeks to reverse the pervasive impacts of racism by providing services to ethnically diverse low-income children, families, and seniors.

This grant supports the AACSA Leadership Academy (ALA), which furthers educational opportunity and college access for African American and Latinx youth by connecting them with mentors, engaging in service projects, and learning about diverse topics such as Black mental health, networking skills, and using the concept of good trouble to address social issues. The grant also supports 1) AACSA’s emerging policy and advocacy work, which seeks to ensure that the voices and needs of its community are included in policies that have long-term impacts on them, and 2) its ongoing education and outreach efforts, including hosting town halls, community sit-ins, and Know Your Rights events.