With a mission to use the power of media for public good, Public Media Group of Southern California (PMGSC) creates, curates, and distributes content and experiences that open people’s minds, lift spirits, and connect people to each other and to the world. Its goal is to strengthen the civic fabric of Southern California, share its distinctive perspective with the rest of the nation, and provide its community with an essential connection to a wider world. A donor-supported community institution, PMGSC sparks the sharing of ideas at in-person cultural events and community conversations and delivers social impact through a variety of services including those that prepare our most vulnerable children for school.

This grant will support the expansion of PMGSC’s Family Math Initiative in Southern California. Activities include 1) creating and disseminating bilingual educational math resources on air, online, and in the community; 2) building a larger math ecosystem through partnerships with community organizations to support and improve family involvement in early math learning and school readiness; and 3) evaluating how these efforts positively affect parents’ beliefs around math, and how those affect their ability to promote math at home.