Technical Education Research Centers (TERC) is an independent, research-based organization dedicated to engaging and inspiring all students through stimulating curricula and programs that develop curiosity, problem-solving skills, and expand opportunity.

This grant supports TERC’s Storytelling Math Initiative, a partnership with book publishers Star Bright Books and Charlesbridge to develop, release, and promote trade storybooks for ages 0-5 that include early mathematical topics––such as pattern-recognition, spatial relationships, measurements, and math vocabulary. The book series, called Math for Me, promotes early math learning and talk during everyday activities, and feature a diverse range of families. In 2016, the Foundation’s Education program supported the first phase of this work.

In addition, this grant allows TERC to partner with organizationslike Reach Out and Read and Too Small To Fail to distribute these books through their own programs, and to conduct further outreach targeting trade storybook authors, book editors at literary organizations, staff at public libraries, and book critics.