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A Big Thank You

Dear Colleagues,

As I emailed earlier this year, after 10 years at the Heising-Simons Foundation, I am now retiring. I wanted to reach out to you once more, to thank you and to wish you well.

I have had a very lucky work life – able to do meaningful work, to address important issues, and to learn something new every day. The last decade here at Heising-Simons has been the culmination of that for me. It has been a great honor to have been in this role, working alongside an extraordinarily talented and caring staff and Board, and with committed, courageous, and creative grantee and funder partners.

Our Board is continuing its search for a new CEO who will lead the Foundation into its next decades. Until that person joins the Foundation, our COO, Jeff Malloy, will serve as interim CEO. Jeff has been our trusted COO for close to eight years now, and you are in excellent hands as he is an experienced and thoughtful philanthropic leader.

I hope that you know and feel the continued commitment of the Foundation to work on the tough issues over the long-term, to expand opportunity, and, always, to believe in humanity’s promise.

Thank you again for your friendship and collegiality and commitment. We will continue to update you with news on the new CEO as it develops.

Best wishes for a very happy holiday season and for a wonderful 2023.

Deanna Gomby
President & CEO