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Brian Eule: “The For-Profit Journalism Model is Broken”

Stack of newspapers.

“Fox, MSNBC, and CNN air opinion disguised as news, knowing that anger, fear, and conflict draw eyeballs, which in turn results in greater advertising revenue. Speculation on who leads a political race more than a year away, with pundits pontificating on soundstages, costs less sending reporters out to cover communities,” writes Director of Journalism and Communications Brian Eule, in his new article for the Chronicle of Philanthropy. “But a well-informed public is crucial for democracy to thrive, and journalism is an essential service—a public good—needed to make that happen. It’s just that we need to redefine how we think about journalism and profit.”

Brian’s opinion piece explores the importance of high-quality, accountable journalism, and how foundations and philanthropy can support the future of nonprofit news organizations, the future of journalism. He describes how through investing in leaders, underrepresented voices, and local journalism, philanthropy can support an informed society.

“In this richly diverse democracy, hoarding the pen hoards the power and can only be seen as a form of greed,” he writes. “We need to expand which people get to tell the stories that matter.”

You can read the full piece in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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