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Category: COVID-19

COVID-19 Response: First Large-Scale Study of Child Care Workforce Risks During Pandemic

In the first-ever large-scale assessment of the risk of working in child care during the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers at Yale University have found that child care programs that remained open throughout the pandemic did not contribute to the spread of the virus to providers.

Why Face Masks Work Better Than You Would Think

From a purely mathematical perspective, face masks are more effective in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 than we may think. This happens for two reasons: masks protect in both directions (when we breathe in and when we breathe out), and the number of interactions involving people wearing masks is higher than the number of people wearing masks in public.

COVID-19 Response: Supporting the COVID – 19 Childcare Project

The Foundation has awarded a $400,000 grant to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to support the COVID – 19 Childcare Project, which aims to protect and preserve scarce childcare spaces and home-based providers in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Abriendo Puertas Shares Multi-Lingual COVID-19 Resources for Families

Obtaining timely information about COVID-19 and explaining it to young children can be a challenge. For parents who speak languages other than English, as well as for parents who never learned to read, the task is doubly hard, as many of the public health materials that share important recommendations about handwashing and social distancing are not available to them.

COVID-19 Response: $500,000 General Support Grant to World Resources Institute

The Heising-Simons Foundation has awarded a $500,000 grant to World Resources Institute (WRI) — a global research organization focusing on critical issues at the intersection of environment and development.

COVID-19 Response: Decontamination of N95 Masks

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises, shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) are forcing hospitals, care centers, and first responders across the country to reuse their limited supply of these critical resources. The lack of new (and sterile) protective devices puts healthcare workers at increased risk of infection. 

COVID-19 Response: Helping Low-Income Households Maintain Access to Essential Utility Services

The Foundation has awarded a $150,000 grant to the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) — a thought leader on consumer protection policies — to help ensure low-income households maintain access to essential utility services like electricity, water, and telecommunications in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Response: Closing the Digital Learning Divide in California

As the COVID-19 pandemic shines light on existing inequities in California, the Heising-Simons Foundation has announced a $200,000 grant to Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation (CDE Foundation) to support the California Bridging the Digital Divide Fund (The CA BDD Fund).

COVID-19 Response: Grant to Research Impact of Crisis on Families With Young Children in the U.S.

The Heising-Simons Foundation announced support to researchers at the University of Oregon’s Center for Translational Neuroscience with a $300,004 grant to help identify the most critical challenges facing families with young children in the United States during the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.