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Eight Scientists Awarded 51 Pegasi b Fellowship in Planetary Astronomy

Eight early-career scientists have been awarded the 51 Pegasi b Fellowship, a three-year postdoctoral fellowship that provides recipients with resources, freedom, and flexibility to conduct theoretical, observational, and experimental research in planetary astronomy.

Fellows were selected based on research achievements, plans, and potential to impact the field of planetary astronomy. Fellows were also selected based on their commitment to and plans for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in planetary astronomy.

Launched by the Foundation in 2017, the 51 Pegasi b Fellowship provides each recipient with an initial three-year grant of up to $430,000 to pursue their proposed research at a selected host institution. Research interests of the fellows span a range of topics, including protoplanetary disk dynamics and composition, exoplanet characterization, solar system bodies, astrobiology, and astronomical instrumentation.

Meet the 2024 fellows:

Cornell University

Teresa Paneque-Carreño in the field, smiling back at camera.

University of Michigan

Emiel Por in a lab, standing and smiling at camera.

University of California, Santa Cruz

Antranik Sefilian in front of a blackboard smiling at camera.

University of Arizona

Quang Tran, standing outside and smiling at camera.

Yale University

Zach Ulibarri working with equipment in a lab.

Cornell University

Megan Weiner Mansfield inside, smiling at a camera.

Arizona State University

Luis Welbanks inside, smiling at camera.

Arizona State University

This year’s cohort of fellows brings the total community to 58 fellows overall. Fellows engage in regular communication and collaboration, support each other in their professional development, and participate in an annual summit. Learn more about past fellows’ professional trajectories and recent achievements here.

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