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Grantee Borealis Philanthropy Launches Spark Justice Fund

Earlier this month, Borealis Philanthropy announced the official launch of the Spark Justice Fund (SJF), a new donor collaborative awarding $1,745,000 to eight organizations to end money bail, advance pretrial justice reform, and build power in communities most impacted by incarceration.

SJF grantees are located in Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. As stated in its announcement, “the long-term vision of the Fund is to strengthen the capacity of state-based and local grassroots organizations and those who are impacted by the criminal justice system to lead the movement for its transformation. By ending money bail and unjust pretrial detention policies, the work of grantees will ultimately significantly reduce jail populations, decriminalize poverty, and reduce disparities for low-income communities of color, including for women of color and other marginalized populations.”

Rooted in the belief of the inherent dignity of all people, the Heising-Simons Foundation’s Human Rights program supports efforts like SJF in order to equip those most impacted by the justice system to organize their communities and advocate for policy change.

In addition to the Heising-Simons Foundation, SJF’s current supporters include the Art for Justice Fund, Ford Foundation, Galaxy Gives, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, NoVo Foundation, and Open Society Foundations.

Learn more about SJF’s work here, including information for grassroots organizing organizations and advocacy groups in the United States about how to apply for SJF support.

In addition, check out SJF’s opinion piece in the Chronicle of Philanthropy discussing the importance of investing in the leadership of people impacted by bail and incarceration.

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