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Letter From the President: Yesterday, Today, and the Future

Dear Colleagues,

I can’t even begin with “On days like this,” because there has been no day like yesterday, no events like this in our Capitol, in our living memory. It is a time that stirs anger, sadness, and deep distress.

What we saw yesterday was a threat to our country and our democracy, propelled by lies by the sitting President about a lawful election and encouraged by those who are more eager to hold onto power than to safeguard the country they were sworn to protect. We saw a response by law enforcement that was muted compared to reactions that we saw all last year when people stood together for racial justice. One could only reflect on the ways law enforcement has treated people of color countless times as we saw events unfold yesterday. The blatant difference, impossible to ignore, ignites indignation and confirms, yet again, the need for action.

We see an example of the way forward. This video celebrates the work in Georgia, led by many allies, including some of our grantees, that seeks to amplify voice and shift power to those who have been disenfranchised. The video illustrates the ongoing work that we must undertake to defend our democracy.

This work is only part of what needs to be done, but it and the other efforts on which we are focused give me hope. I am thankful for the commitment of our grantee partners to protecting democracy and human rights. We share that commitment. Together, I am hopeful that we can build a more perfect union.

Deanna Gomby
President and CEO