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Looking For Our Next CEO

We are excited to be searching for our next Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The new CEO of the Heising-Simons Foundation has an outstanding opportunity to impact and improve lives through the power of philanthropy and political impact. Driving change across the impact areas of Education, Science, Human Rights, Climate and Clean Energy, and Community and Opportunity, the CEO will lead the Foundation and the related C4 to achieve the mission of unlocking knowledge, opportunity, and possibilities for all humans. The Heising-Simons Foundation is seeking an experienced leader who embraces the Foundation’s legacy and values.

The CEO will work closely with the Heising-Simons Foundation Board and its talented team to generate, assess, and actualize current and future philanthropic priorities while helping to propel the organization to an exciting next chapter of societal engagement and impact. The Foundation’s new leader will inherit a Foundation that has built a strong reputation, a healthy internal culture, and enjoys deep relationships with grantees and partners in the Bay Area, nationally, and internationally. The next CEO will have the opportunity to expand an international network of peers and partners and maximize the foundation’s programmatic impact legislatively and philanthropically.

Read the full job description here.