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Making Headlines: Grantees in the News, November 2018

The Heising-Simons Foundation is proud to regularly see its grantee partners featured in media outlets across the country, providing an expert voice on a timely issue or being highlighted for their accomplishments and hard work. Here are some news items that have featured our grantees in November 2018.

How San Diego Is Pushing Back Against ‘Zero Tolerance’ at the Border
Voice of San Diego, November 27, 2018
Justice Strategies lends an expert voice in this article about the challenges San Diego’s federal court system is facing to criminally prosecute people at the U.S. Southern Border. Justice Strategies is a grantee of the Foundation’s Human Rights program.

Trump Administration’s Strategy on Climate: Try to Bury Its Own Scientific Report
New York Times, November 25, 2018
Richard L. Revesz, director of New York University’s Institute for Policy Integrity, is quoted in this article that examines the effects of the National Climate Assessment, “the most comprehensive scientific study to date detailing the effects of global warming on the United States economy, public health, coastlines and infrastructure.” The Institute for Policy Integrity is supported by the Foundation’s Climate and Clean Energy program.

Child-Care Subsidies Still Don’t Meet Parental Needs, New Report Finds
Education Week, November 16, 2018
Despite a recent increase in federal spending, subsidy programs that help low-income families pay for child care continue to fall short of meeting families’ needs. The findings are shared in a new report by the National Women’s Law Center, a grantee of the Foundation’s Education program.

 Colorado Votes 8-0 to Join California’s Low-Emission Vehicle Standard
The Colorado Sun, November 15, 2018
The state of Colorado has unanimously adopted California’s low-emission vehicle standard. In public comments about the proposal, the Union of Concerned Scientists argued that “improving the efficiency of new vehicles is especially critical for lower- and middle-income families, and rural drivers, who spend a greater share of their income on transportation.” The Union of Concerned Scientists is supported by the Foundation’s Climate and Clean Energy program.

Home Visiting Helps Children and Parents — More Families Could Use It
The Hill, November 14, 2018
About 18 million pregnant women and families across the United States could benefit from home visiting, according to the latest data shared in the 2018 Home Visiting Yearbook. The Yearbook is put together by the National Home Visiting Resource Center, supported by the Foundation’s Education program.