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Making Headlines: Grantees in the News

At the Heising-Simons Foundation, we are proud to regularly see many of our grantee partners featured in media outlets across the country, providing an expert voice on a timely issue or being highlighted for their accomplishments and hard work. Here are some news items that have featured our grantees in the past month:

New Laws to Change Energy in Nevada
KTVN Channel 2, June 23, 2017
As part of a report on several new clean energy-related bills that have passed in Nevada, local TV station KTVN interviewed grantee Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) about why electricity “is the cleanest fuel available for Nevadans.”

New Branch in Family Tree of Exoplanets Discovered
Caltech, June 19, 2017
Grantee Caltech has created a “family tree” of exoplanets using data from Caltech’s W. M. Keck Observatory and NASA’s Kepler mission.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Denies Harris County Request in Bail Case
Houston Chronicle, June 8, 2017
Grantee Civil Rights Corps was one of the main actors behind a successful lawsuit against the wealth-based money bail system in Harris County, Texas, resulting in a new “no-cash bail system.”

In New York City Pre-Ks, Adding 123s to the ABCs
The Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2017
This one’s from May, but didn’t make it into our last batch, so we wanted to share here. Building Blocks is a project of the National Science Foundation that embeds mathematical thinking learning in pre-k students’ activities. The Foundation’s Education program co-founded the Robin Hood Foundation to study the implementation and impact of Building Blocks in New York City classrooms.

If you are a current Foundation grantee and would like to be featured in our “Making Headlines” series, please send us a note: [email protected].