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A Message from our Chair and our CEO

Dear Colleagues:

During this week of Thanksgiving, we wanted to send a special note of gratitude to you, our partners, and let you know how much respect we have for you and the work you do. The role of nonprofits is especially critical today. We are so grateful for your creativity, intelligence, and willingness to face any obstacles.

In this time of national transition, we have been asked about the potential effects on our work, our partners, and the issues on which we focus. We take the long view. These issues—Education, Climate and Clean Energy, Human Rights, Science, and Community— will remain of core importance to us for many years. We feel a renewed sense of urgency to be responsive to these issues now, and our commitment is steadfast.

As you gather this week with family and friends, please know how proud we are to be allied with partners who continue to relentlessly strive toward progress.


Liz Simons, Chair of the Board
Deanna Gomby, President and CEO