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New AAAS Mass Media Fellows Ready to Communicate Science

“Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated…”

Anne Roe, clinical psychologist

For the third year, the Heising-Simons Foundation is excited to support the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in its competitive fellowship program that connects scientists and journalists to better communicate complex science ideas to all audiences.

The AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program places exceptional junior scientists in newsrooms such as CNN, KQED, and NPR to report on science topics, including physics, engineering, cosmology, and climate science. For 10 weeks over the summer, media fellows collaborate with senior editors at these prominent media organizations and produce high-quality scientific reporting, while also sharpening their own skills as science communicators.

The Heising-Simons Foundation’s Science program is proud to sponsor the following five fellows this summer:

Mira Abed

North Carolina State University, Fiber and Polymer Science
Assignment: Los Angeles Times

“I currently hold an internship in the Office of Public Science for the NC State College of Sciences, which has allowed me to pursue public outreach and engagement activities and given me a new passion for citizen science.”

Read her full bio here.

Yomarie Bernier

Universidad del Turabo, Environmental Science
Assignment: Univisión

“I completed a Master in Environmental Science at Universidad del Turabo in Puerto Rico and now I am working toward my PhD in the same discipline.”

Read her full bio here.

Anna Kusmer

McGill University, Natural Resource Sciences
Assignment: KQED Science

“I have an interest in how we can transform our food systems to be more sustainable and just, and how science and systems thinking can help us achieve this.”

Read her full bio here.

Menaka Wilhelm

UC Santa Barbara, Mechanical Engineering
Assignment: WIRED

“Although my current focus is in biomaterials, I’ve had lots of fun meandering through different research fields. I’ve examined environmental and social impacts of cellphones, pondered hummingbird flight mechanics, broken solar panels, and assisted with cadaver studies of biomedical devices.”

Read her full bio here.

Carolyn Wilke

Northwestern University, Environmental Engineering
Assignment: Sacramento Bee

“Outside of the lab, I am an avid science communicator. I regularly contribute to HELIX Magazine, Northwestern’s online science magazine, writing about topics that I find fascinating like bioluminescent bacteria and argyria, an obscure medical condition that results in blue skin.”

Read her full bio here.


Congratulations to the 2017 media fellows!