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Welcoming Our New Chief Financial Officer

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Luu, currently the chief financial officer and treasurer at Humanity United, has accepted our offer to join the Heising-Simons Foundation as our chief financial officer. 

Heising-Simons Foundation Joins the Democracy Frontlines Fund in Support of Racial Justice Groups

Heising-Simons Foundation has joined the Democracy Frontlines Fund (DFF), an initiative of the Libra Foundation to support racial justice organizing. The initiative was launched in 2020, following the murder of George Floyd, in solidarity with the historic civil rights uprising. Heising-Simons joins 13 other funders who are collectively committing $35.5 million over three years.

Philanthropies Launch $200 Million Initiative to Support Responsible Use and Innovation of Artificial Intelligence

As part of its grantmaking seeking to address the impact of technology on society, Heising-Simons Foundation has joined a new coalition of ten philanthropies to support public interest efforts that mitigate artificial intelligence’s (AI) harms and promote responsible use and innovation, as outlined by Vice President Kamala Harris earlier today. Other partners include the David …

Sushma Raman Moderates Panel on Addressing Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become more ubiquitous in all aspects of our everyday lives, more sectors of our society, business, and government are reckoning with the myriad ways in which these tools can be misused or weaponized against marginalized groups. While they may appear neutral, the uncomfortable truth is that AI models are …

Foundation President and CEO Sushma Raman to Moderate Women Moving Millions NextGen Summit Panel

Heising-Simons Foundation President and CEO Sushma Raman will moderate the Influencing Artificial Intelligence (AI) panel session at the inaugural Women Moving Millions NextGen Summit on Friday, October 20 in New York City. With the largest-ever wealth transfer to women and millennials underway, there are enormous opportunities for next-generation leadership and change. The Women Moving Millions …

3.2 Million Children Expected to Lose Child Care

At the end of last month, $39 billion in federal child-care funds made available through the American Rescue Plan Act expired––and, as a result, more than three million children across the nation are expected to lose child care, with more than 70,000 child care programs likely to close. The Century Foundation (TCF), an Education grantee …

Rebecca Gomez Op-Ed Urges Congress to Invest in Child Care as $39 Billion in Federal Funding Expire

A vast majority of voters believe it’s important for working parents to be able to find and afford quality child care for young children. When Congress lets $39 billion in federal child-care funds made available through the American Rescue Plan Act expire at the end of this month, the consequences for providers, educators, families, and workers will be catastrophic.

51 Pegasi b Fellow Dr. Samantha Trumbo Identifies Internal Carbon Source on Europa

Jupiter’s moon Europa has a subsurface ocean thought to contain twice the amount of water of Earth’s oceans. But scientists had not been able to confirm if the ocean contains biologically essential chemicals for life as we know it, particularly carbon, until now.

Technology and Society Grantees Included in TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in Artificial Intelligence

Two grantee partners of the Heising-Simons Foundation’s CEO Fund: Technology and Society initiative have been included in TIME Magazine’s inaugural list of the top 100 most influential people in Artificial Intelligence (AI).