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3.2 Million Children Expected to Lose Child Care

At the end of last month, $39 billion in federal child-care funds made available through the American Rescue Plan Act expired––and, as a result, more than three million children across the nation are expected to lose child care, with more than 70,000 child care programs likely to close. The Century Foundation (TCF), an Education grantee …

51 Pegasi b Fellow Dr. Samantha Trumbo Identifies Internal Carbon Source on Europa

Jupiter’s moon Europa has a subsurface ocean thought to contain twice the amount of water of Earth’s oceans. But scientists had not been able to confirm if the ocean contains biologically essential chemicals for life as we know it, particularly carbon, until now.

New Mapping Tool Reveals California Suburban and Rural Counties are Disproportionately Impacted by Gun Violence

While urban centers are often thought of as the leading settings of gun violence, a new mapping report by grantee Hope and Heal Fund, produced in partnership with RomoGIS Enterprises, reveals that two-thirds of California’s gun homicides during 2014-2022 occurred outside urban settings and California’s most populated cities. Using the California Gun Homicides 2014-2022 Dashboard, …

Increasing Inequalities in Silicon Valley Highlighted in New Report by Grantee SJSU Human Rights Institute

A new report by San José State University’s (SJSU) Human Rights Institute features data that highlights Silicon Valley’s persistent racial, employment, education, housing, and income/wealth inequality, as well as the astronomical concentration of wealth in the hands of a small number of households and companies. The fourth annual Silicon Valley Pain Index (SVPI) is a meta-analysis of …

New Report: Grantee NASEM on Closing the Opportunity Gap for Young Children

When it comes to investing in equitable education opportunities for young children, factors related to the opportunity gap cannot be overlooked. For young children, some of these structural and institutional forces that maintain and exacerbate inequality include poverty, food insecurity, exposure to violence, inadequate access to health care, well-funded quality schools, and mental health care.

New Evaluation Tool for Education Funders Supporting Parent-Led Organizations

Funders for Family Leadership (FFL) has launched the Philanthropic Self-Reflection Tool for Equitable Parent Partnership for education funders and funder collaboratives supporting parent-led organizations.

The Future of Energy Storage

Running electricity systems that rely on large amounts of clean, renewable energy that are weather-dependent like wind and solar power will require operating the electricity grid in a different way.

An Equity Framework: Our Commitment To Change

Today, I want to share with you the Equity Framework we have been developing at the Foundation over the past year. In this document you’ll find what we mean by equity, and how we seek to translate words into action, including employing a set of questions to guide and learn from our decisions.

New Multilingual Learning Toolkit for California Early Childhood Educators: Q&A With Grantee Early Edge

One-third of young children in the U.S. live in a household where a language other than English is spoken by a parent or caregiver. In some regions, like the Heising-Simons  Foundation’s home state of California, the majority of children under six years of age are dual-language learners, meaning that they are learning two or more languages at the same time. These emerging bilingual students are a rich asset, pointing to a multilingual future where all children have the opportunity to thrive. This promise cannot be realized unless and until educators have the skills and resources they need to offer effective instruction designed with multi-lingual learners in mind.