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Type: Reports & Research

New Evaluation Tool for Education Funders Supporting Parent-Led Organizations

Funders for Family Leadership (FFL) has launched the Philanthropic Self-Reflection Tool for Equitable Parent Partnership for education funders and funder collaboratives supporting parent-led organizations.

The Future of Energy Storage

Running electricity systems that rely on large amounts of clean, renewable energy that are weather-dependent like wind and solar power will require operating the electricity grid in a different way.

An Equity Framework: Our Commitment To Change

Today, I want to share with you the Equity Framework we have been developing at the Foundation over the past year. In this document you’ll find what we mean by equity, and how we seek to translate words into action, including employing a set of questions to guide and learn from our decisions.

New Multilingual Learning Toolkit for California Early Childhood Educators: Q&A With Grantee Early Edge

One-third of young children in the U.S. live in a household where a language other than English is spoken by a parent or caregiver. In some regions, like the Heising-Simons  Foundation’s home state of California, the majority of children under six years of age are dual-language learners, meaning that they are learning two or more languages at the same time. These emerging bilingual students are a rich asset, pointing to a multilingual future where all children have the opportunity to thrive. This promise cannot be realized unless and until educators have the skills and resources they need to offer effective instruction designed with multi-lingual learners in mind.

1400 Degrees Platform Launches To Elevate Women In Physics & Astronomy

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the 1400 Degrees website, a robust directory highlighting the extraordinary achievements and contributions of women and marginalized gender identities to the fields of physics and astronomy. We know that only through diversity of thought, backgrounds, and lived experiences can we expect the kind of groundbreaking research …

New Grantee Report on Supporting Early Math Development for Dual Language Learners

With support from the Heising-Simons Foundation, Bellwether Education Partners has released a report identifying promising strategies to support early math learning for dual language learners (DLLs), both in the classroom and at home with their families.

COVID-19 Response: First Large-Scale Study of Child Care Workforce Risks During Pandemic

In the first-ever large-scale assessment of the risk of working in child care during the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers at Yale University have found that child care programs that remained open throughout the pandemic did not contribute to the spread of the virus to providers.

COVID-19 Response & Beyond: Report Highlights Parents, Providers, and Field Perspectives to Inform Early Childhood Grantmaking

In collaboration with The Bridgespan Group and The Education Trust, we are pleased to share a report to inform conversations, decisions, and actions that early childhood funders might take in 2021 from the perspective of what parents, providers, and field leaders have named as most critical in working towards a more equitable early childhood system.

Abriendo Puertas Shares Multi-Lingual COVID-19 Resources for Families

Obtaining timely information about COVID-19 and explaining it to young children can be a challenge. For parents who speak languages other than English, as well as for parents who never learned to read, the task is doubly hard, as many of the public health materials that share important recommendations about handwashing and social distancing are not available to them.