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President and CEO Sushma Raman Joins Heising-Simons Foundation Board

Photo credit: Laila Clarke

Sushma Raman, President and CEO of Heising-Simons Foundation, has been elected to join the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Ms. Raman joined the Foundation as President and CEO in February 2023, following a national search, and joined the three other directors— Liz Simons, Chair of the Board; Mark Heising, Board Vice Chair; Caitlin Heising, Board Vice Chair—this month.

“Sushma joining the Foundation Board will ensure close strategic alignment across the organization,” the three other Board members shared in a statement. “As a Board, we hope to continue to learn, build our capacity, and strengthen our competencies as the governing body of a growing organization, charting a sustainable, effective, and ambitious path forward. We remain committed to the Foundation and inspiring a culture of inclusivity, opportunity, and purpose.”

Ms. Raman is an interdisciplinary and experienced philanthropic leader with over two decades of experience launching, scaling, and leading social justice and philanthropic programs and collaboratives, including helping build capabilities of grassroots human rights organizations and their leaders. Learn more about her by reading her bio and this interview with Inside Philanthropy.

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