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Rebecca Gomez Op-Ed in Ms. Magazine: Child Care Funding Cliff Is Upon Us

“Since Congress failed to extend the child care stabilization funding from the American Rescue Plan Act in September 2023, the supply of child care has fallen off a cliff in many places across the United States, and its effects on families and the early childhood education workforce are being felt more than ever,” says Rebecca Gomez, Ed.D., program officer for the Foundation’s Education program at Heising-Simons Foundation.

In her new opinion piece, published in Ms. Magazine, Dr. Gomez argues that, without action from Congress, child care programs will continue to close, reduce services, and lose educators––all while the annual cost to families continues to rise to record levels, often exceeding the cost of college tuition.

“[I]t is necessary to invest in universal early care and education (…) so that families do not have to bootstrap these solutions themselves, so we can build an adequate supply of affordable and quality care, and so the workforce is paid a just and living wage.”

Read the full piece here.

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