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Responding to COVID-19

Like many others, we take very seriously the concerns around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). To do our part to reduce the threat and spread of the virus, we have asked all of our employees to telecommute temporarily, and we will conduct all meetings via phone or video conference, rather than have our staff or visitors come to our offices or travel to other locations. We want to follow the best practices of social distancing during this critical time. While our physical offices will be closed, the Foundation will remain fully functional during this time. Our plan is to maintain this practice until further notice.

We know so many of you are facing difficult decisions brought on by the sudden health crisis, as well as financial concerns and uncertainty given the unpredictability of this situation. We also recognize that the most significant impacts will likely be on the vulnerable communities that are the focus of so many of your efforts.

Please know that we want to be flexible and help our grantee partners whenever possible. Feel free to reach out to your program officer if you have special concerns or needs as a result of the current health issues, including additional strains on your budget that require flexibility or assistance.

Additionally, to provide relief to grantee partners, the Foundation is offering a rapid response fund for current Foundation grantees to offset unexpected costs incurred for disruptions to operations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. You can find more information about the eligibility criteria and application process here. Please submit applications or questions to [email protected]. The fund will stay open until July 1, 2020, or until resources are expended — whichever comes first.