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Roland Hwang’s Op-Ed: Don’t Let Big Oil Stop Clean Transportation

As more people turn to electric vehicles, the oil industry is using political power and disinformation to delay a shift to clean transportation. The industry’s disinformation campaign is so egregious that a House of Representatives investigation found big oil misled the public about its central role in causing the climate crisis and impeded efforts to find solutions.

In a new opinion piece published in The Environmental Forum’s December issue, Climate and Clean Energy program director Roland Hwang urges electric vehicle advocates to join forces with equity and mobility advocates and push for building fewer car-dependent communities, funding mass transit, and developing more vibrant mobility ecosystems and zero emission vehicles—all important components of a sustainable transportation strategy that rapidly transitions to clean energy.

“We must not forget about the frontline communities across the world who are suffering the impacts of pollution and corruption caused by one of the largest, dirtiest industries on the planet” he notes. “Let’s not let the oil industry win by dividing communities at a critical moment in our efforts to create a zero-emitting, equitable, and fossil-fuel-free transportation future.”

Read Roland’s full piece in The Environmental Forum.

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