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Science Program Director Dr. Cyndi Atherton Appointed to National Academies’ Climate Crossroads Advisory Committee

Dr. Cyndi Atherton with Climate Crossroads branding.

Heising-Simons Foundation Science Program Director Dr. Cyndi Atherton has been appointed to the inaugural advisory committee of Climate Crossroads, a new climate initiative of grantee partner the National Academies. Climate Crossroads will focus on key pathways to tackle the climate crisis.

“The National Academies are committed to marshaling the deep and broad expertise that this moment demands,” said Amanda Staudt, Climate Crossroads director. “Climate Crossroads will support our capacity to help prepare society for current and future challenges and opportunities in the context of climate change, including by allowing us to proactively identify emerging needs, initiate activities quickly, and sustain leadership over decades to come.”

“This bringing together of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine to unite across disciplines that traditionally are independent of one another indicates the deep importance and urgency of addressing climate change on a national and international scale,” said Dr. Atherton. “The Heising-Simons Foundation is pleased to assist in this important effort.”

Learn more about Climate Crossroads, including upcoming events, on the initiative’s website. Learn more about Dr. Atherton here.

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