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Yale Releases Updated Maps of Public Opinion on Climate Change

A team of scientists at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YCCC) has developed a series of interactive maps to depict Americans’ views on climate issues in 50 states, 435 congressional districts, 300 counties, and 916 metro areas. These maps are based on data through the year 2016 and are accessible to the public here.

In an article published yesterday, the New York Times calls YCCC’s maps “the most detailed view yet of public opinion on global warming.”

“Public opinion polling is generally done at the national level, because local level polling is very costly and time intensive,” YCCC notes. In response, these maps offer unprecedented access to granular data that can be adjusted by geography, beliefs, and policy support, among other factors.

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication—which the Heising-Simons Foundation supported in 2016 through a $299,000 grant—advances the science of climate change communication, helps leaders communicate more effectively, and increases the public’s understanding of climate risks and opportunities. Learn more about the program here.